The Douglas Family in Italy

The history of the Douglas Scotti family in Italy is a captivating tale of resilience, legacy, and influence. Dating back to several centuries, this noble family has left an indelible mark on Italian history.


  Scotti Marriages - miscellaneous    


From the perhaps mythical Sholto Douglas to the modern day, with notable warriors and clerics, the Douglas Scotti families have dominated the scene in Lombardy and beyond, described in biographies and family trees.



Douglas Scotti castles are spread across Lombardy created as places of refuge for the family and for the local population in times of stife. Many of the towns have a palace with ornate decor and furnishings.



We have brought together a large collection of heraldic armorials representing the many Douglas Scotti families, some clearly indicating the ancient Scottish origins, some less obvious.


  The Italian Section
The Douglas Archives seeks to preserve, protect and make widely known the enormous contribution that members of the Clan Douglas have made, and are still making, in politics, medicine, literature, music, sport, exploration and other forms of scientific endeavour, military campaigns and many other fields.

In this section, we focus on the Douglas Scotti, and name variations, in Italy
  The Douglas Archives
This is a digital archive and so we are not able to preserve manuscripts, artefacts, buildings or other tangible assets. It is regretful that there is no international clan centre that is able to do this. However, we recognise that the great Douglas families, the Dukes of Buccleuch and Hamilton, and the Earls of Home and Morton, do much to protect their family heritage, and that the Museum in the town of Douglas, in Lanarkshire, also lays its part part.

In Italy, the many castles, palaces and places of worship connected with the Douglas Scotti contain family artefacts and art works that maintain the families heritage.
  A growing collection
The Douglas Archives are, at the time of writing, a collection of 12,500 files with 8,000 images containing material, some still un-edited, from a wide variety of sources. New material is included almost daily, though not necessarily published immediately. The result is a dynamic archive of biographies, anecdotes and historical material about the Douglas family.

Much of the material in the Italian section has been has been generously contributed - and more would be welcome!





  The following documents add to the story of the Douglas Scotti families in Italy.

• Restoration of Piacentini Palaces: Palazzo Douglas Scotti, Scala of St. George (Pdf; in Italian)
•  Footprints of the Douglas Scotti; A Scottish Warrior Journeys to Piacenza in Northern Italy in 794 - The Douglas castles (Pdf; in English)  
•  History of the House and race of Douglas; David Hume Extract; re: Scotti origins (Pdf)
  Additional articles and family trees:

•  Armorials of the Douglas family in Italy
•  The Scotti feudal lords of Varsi from 1303 to 1758
•  The Douglas Scotti of Anguissola tree
•  The Douglas Scotti of Sarmato tree
•  The Douglas Scotti families of Fombio and Sarmato tree
•  A selection of Douglas Scotti family trees
 Scotti Douglas; Conte de Vigoleno [pdf]
•  Trees of Descendants of Sholto Duglas 767 and four others
•  The ghost of Count Buso
•  How the Scotto came to Piacenza (Slideshow)
•  Tombs of the Douglas Scotti

Douglas Scotti Cadet Branches


Titles held by the Douglas Scotti include:


In 1414 Emperor Sigismund had the title Douglas in memory of the old Scottish claim of the family, which was divided into some branches, including:
Douglas Scotti of Sarmato
•  Douglas Scotti of Vigoleno

Other branches:
Scotti of Milan
Douglas Scotti of Rezzanello
Douglas Scotti of the Scala di San Giorgio
Anguissola - Scotti
  Marquis of Carpaneto
Marquis of Castelbosco
Marquis of Montalbo
Count of Agazzano
Count of Vigoleno with Carpaneto and Diolo
Count of Colturano and of Cesano
Count of San Giorgio
Count of Fombio
Count of Rezzanello

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