Niccolò Scotti

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From Piacenza. From the Fombio branch.
Niccolò Scotti Douglas, Conte di Fombio †1514 was the son of Troilo Scotti Douglas, Conte di Fombio and Susanna Visconti and grandson of Alberto Scotti Douglas, Conte di Fombio †1479

Brother of Paride Scotti


In 1509, Niccolò Scotti Douglas, Conte di Fombio was contacted by the Venetians to fight the troops of the League of Cambrai.
In February 1512, with 500 infantry, he was involved in the defence of Bologna when the city was besieged by the Spaniards and the Popes (Spanish Church). In April, he takes part in the battle of Ravenna, in Romagna: he faces the enemies in the rearguard while his brother Paride is responsible for guarding the Montone bridge to keep open a possible retreat route on the left flank.
He was in Piacenza for about a year until, in 1513, the Spaniards enter Piacenza; he leaves the city with the governor Giovanni Gozzadini. He takes refuge with 400 supporters in his castles in Val Nure: he contacts the Venetians.
He returned to Piacenza and formed a company with Lazzaro Malvicini that controls the collection of city taxes.
Through 1514, Pietro Buso Scotti opposes its almost monopolistic presence in the tax collection sector: the conflict shifts from an economic to a military point of view and is the opportunity for the resurgence of conflicts between Guelphs and Ghibellines.
He left the city with the leaders of the rival faction: thus begins the looting of the territory organized by both sides.
In September 1514, he was in the Brescia area with Bartolomeo da Villachiara, and in October, he eludes the surveillance of the Swiss commanded by Silvio Savelli and enters Crema, whose defense is Renzo di Ceri, at the head of 700 infantry.
In November, he is sent from Crema to Bergamo with Silvestro da Narni and Andrea della Matrice to bring 500 infantry and 8 loads of gunpowder. He leaves the city at night; at Morengo he clashes with 200 Swiss whom he initially disperses. They are supported by other Sforza troops so Scotti is put to flight with his men. Captured at Canonica d'Adda, he is taken to Milan; for another version he entrusts himself to a traveler (whom he promises a reward of 500 ducats) who instead of taking him to safety in Piacenza guides him to Milan where he is captured.

In the Lombard capital he was tortured and beheaded at night by order of Duke Massimiliano Sforza despite the opposition of the Milanese senate.


• “Who had not left behind any office of being most loyal to the republic (of Venice), and with his life, and with his property and with the favor of his partisans.” BARBARIAN

• “For his war virtue, he was worthy of his elders.” GIOVIO

• “Brave captain.” MENS

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•  Possibly also referred to as Niccolò da Piacenza.



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