Gragnano Trebbiense

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Castelbosco Arms for the Communue of Gragnano Trebbiense  


IIn October 1482 Antonio Maria Scotti obtained the ducal license to rebuild the castle of Gragnano Trebbiense which was later held by Count Annibale Scotti in the 17th century.

Gragnano Trebbiense ( Gragnàn in Piacenza dialect ) is an Italian municipality of 4,562 inhabitants in the province of Piacenza in Emilia-Romagna .

It is located in the Po Valley , between the Trebbia river to the east and the Luretta stream to the west.

Its territory, like the nearby municipalities of Gossolengo, Gazzola, and Agazzano, saw the Battle of Trebbia in which, according to the story of the Roman historian Polybius, in December 218 BC Hannibal inflicted a heavy defeat on the Roman consul Tiberius Sempronius Longus. The Carthaginian army, camped near Tavernago, managed to block the Roman infantry in the marshy bed of the Luretta stream; the Numidian cavalry supported by archers massacred the Roman soldiers, of whom only a third managed to find refuge on the other bank of the Trebbia river, the area was subsequently inhabited by the Romans.

In 889, the armies of the Marquis of Friuli Berengar I and the Duke of Spoleto Guido II, both pretenders to the crown of king of Italy, clashed on the banks of the Trebbia: the battle saw the victory of the latter.

In the Middle Ages the fiefdom of Gragnano was governed by the Malaspina , the Piccinini and then the Scotti.

The area was the scene of bitter clashes between Guelphs and Ghibellines; as part of these disputes, in 1220 the castle of Campremnoldo Sotto was set on fire by members of the Guelph faction. In the fourteenth century the area was faithful to the Visconti family during the wars with the papacy, forcing the papal troops into a siege in 1373 to conquer Castelvecchio.

In 1624, full possession of the Campremoldo Sopra and Sotto area and of the castles was granted to Count Annibale Scotti by the Farnese ducal chamber presided over by Odoardo I Farnese. In 1636 Castelvecchio was sacked by Spanish troops as part of the conflict between the latter and the French supported by Odoardo Farnese.

In 1737 the painter Giovanni Battista Tagliasacchi died in Castelbosco di Campremoldo Sopra, a plaque in the local church commemorates this event.

In 1799 the area of ​​Gragnano and Rottofreno was the scene of a battle between the French troops commanded by General MacDonald and the Austro-Russian troops led by General Suvorov who forced the French to retreat towards La Spezia.

Following the unification of Italy , in 1862, the municipality changed its name from Gragnano to Gragnano Trebbiense.



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