Douglas Scotti of Rivergaro

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visiting card  Ranuccio Anguissola Scotti of Rivergaro  


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Rivergaro (Arvargär in Piacenza dialect) is an Italian town of 6,525 inhabitants in the province of Piacenza.

The ownership of the fortress was disputed for centuries until the advent of the Visconti who imposed a singular and new figure: the captain of the Ban, trusted man chosen outside of local disputes to collect taxes and administer public order, who failed to appease the civil war taking place between the nobility until in 1548 the whole area became the possession of the Anguissola-Scottis. During the Second World War it was the scene of clashes with the partisan brigades led by Captain Alberto Araldi known as Paolo to whom the main square and his monument are dedicated. Toponymy Its name derives from that of the stream that crosses the Rio Vergario, a tributary of the Trebbia today completely covered, the village took over time the names of Rivalgario, Rivalegario, then finally Rivergaro. Places of interest Villa Anguissola-Scotti, designed by Lotario Tomba in 1778 on the foundations of an 11th century fortification.

•  Countess Anna Anguissola Scotti, b. 1850, daughter of Count Ranuzio Anguissola Scotti and Giuseppina Scotti, married Ubertino Landi and was then known as Anna Landi di Chiavenna. She is a Douglas Scotti on her mother's side (Giuseppina Scotti Douglas). While she had children with her husband Ubertino, she later had an extramarital relationship with an English correspondent which resulted in the birth of a daughter who was raised in one of the family castles under the care of nuns, andlater adopted by a local family.

•  The visiting card is probably that of His Excellency Ranuccio Giuseppe Anguissola Douglas Scotti, Count and Lord of Rivergaro. Giuseppina Anguissola Scotti (born Scotti Douglas dei Conti di Sarmato) married Ranuccio Anguissola Scotti. They had one daughter: Anna Landi di Chiavenna (born Anguissola Scotti).  (Rivergaro is a commune in the Province of Piacenza.)

The civic symbol refers to that of the Anguissola family of the branch of Podenzano, Rivergaro, Montechiaro and Rustigazzo. The brothers Gian Francesco and Bartolomeo Anguissola, sons of Annibale (1494 - 1503), had, with a decree dated Milan 1 December 1477, signed by Bona and Gian Galeazzo M. Sforza Visconti, the privilege of being elected County of the Fief of Podenzano. In the investiture parchment there is the description of the insignia granted, a shield with a castle depicted and a dove holding a scroll with the motto "A bon droit" in its beak, an insignia that the Dukes themselves used to wear, and which testified to high consideration for those who could boast of it. This is the description of the municipal coat of arms registered in the Heraldic Book of Moral Bodies, "By the grace of God and the will of the nation" as established by the Royal Decree of 10 April 1930, signed by King Vittorio Emanuele III and the Head of Government Benito Mussolini.
Truncated shield; in the first one of blue to the turreted castle of one, crenellated in the Ghibelline style, of silver, the central part surmounted by a dove with lowered flight, natural, radiated in gold; in the 2nd section, nailed with argent and gules.
motto "A bon droit"

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