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Index of first names

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Index of first names


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  • Captain Alexander Douglas

    Capt Alexander Douglas

    Who is this 93rd Highlanders officer?

  • Charles William Douglas

    Charles William "Bill" Douglas

    While in the Army he served in Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom


  • Lord James Douglas

    Col Lord James Douglas
    commanded the Regiment de Douglas between 1637 and 1645.

  • GeneraL David Douglas Wemyss General David Douglas Wemyss

    went by the name of Douglas until about 1790. in 1795 he was appointed governor of Calvi and its dependencies


  • Francis, 11th Marquess of Queensberry Francis Douglas, 11th Marquess of Queensberry
    served on the Western Front where he received a gun shot wound to the leg


  • John Douglas, 11th HussarsMajor General John Douglas
     led the 11th Hussars in the Charge of the Light Brigade. He survived without serious wound


  • James henry douglasLt James Henry Scott-Douglas

    was slain at KwaMagwasa, Zululand, on June 30th 1879

  • Maj-Gen Sir William Douglas

    Major-Gen. Sir William Douglas
    was awarded the DSO in recognition of services in South Africa when a Major

  • George, 16th Earl of Morton

    George Douglas, 16th Earl of Morton
    was a member of the Royal Company of Archers


Biographies of the following, who served in the military, can be found by clicking the names:

Donald Hutchison Douglas, 1915-1981
2lt Percy Douglas, b1897
Alexander Stark Douglas, d1918
Andrew Douglas, 1893-1915
Andrew Douglas, bc1681
Andrew Douglas, k1916
Archibald Douglas, 1896-1916
Archibald Murray Douglas, 1790-1872
Archie William Douglas, 1880-1936
Arthur Henry Johnstone Douglas, 1846-1923
Asa Douglas, 1713  - 1792
Brig-Gen Henry Thompson Douglas, b.1838
Brigadier General Archibald Campbell Douglas c1886
Brigadier General Clarence J. Douglas, Jr.
Brigadier General Douglas Campbell Douglas, 1864-1927
Brigadier General Ephraim Douglas
Brigadier General John W. Douglass
Brigadier General Paul P. Douglas, Jr.
Brigadier General William M. Douglass, 1942 -
Brigadier MG Douglas-Withers
Brigadier William Charles Douglas, 1862-
Burchett Douglass, 1793 - 1849
Burgesses  of Glasgow - Boer War
C K M Douglas, meteorologist
Cameronian Roll of Honour
Capt Archibald Douglas-Hamilton, MP
Captain Alexander Douglas, abt 1840
Captain Archibald Douglas,k1667
Captain Charles Robert George Douglas, k 1857
Captain David Bates Douglass, 1790 - 1849
Captain James Postell Douglas, 1836 - 1901
Captain John Douglas, c1774 - 1796
Captain Joseph Douglas, c1675-1754
Captain Richard Douglas, US Army
Captain Thomas Douglas
Cecil Francis Johnstone-Douglas, 1847-1894
Charles Douglas MC, 1886-1971
Charles Douglas-Pennant, k1914
Charles Keith Douglas, 1897-1918
Charles Pye-Douglas, 1767-1844
Charles William Douglas, 1963-2009
Col Allan Douglas, living 2017
Col Archibald Douglas, living 1688
Col Edward Douglas, 1590-1657
Col Edward Douglass, 1713-1795
Col Lord James Douglas, c1617-1645
Col Marcellus Douglas, d1862
Col Robert Douglas of Strathendry,
Col. Robert Douglas, k.1745
Col. Young Norvel Douglass, 1805 - 1865
Colonel Malcolm Frank Douglas-Pennant, 6th Baron Penrhyn 1908-2003
Colonel William Douglas, 1742 - 1777
Edward and Joseph Douglas, k1943
Francis Archibald Kelhead, 11th Marquess of Queensberry, 1896=1954
Francis Wingfield "Frank" Douglass, 1875–1972)
Francois-Prosper Douglas, Chevalier de Douglas, 1725-1781
Frank Douglas-Pennant, Lord Penryn, 1908-2003
Gen Sir James Dawes Douglas, 1785-1862
Gen Sir John Douglas, 1817 - 1888
General Barrington Douglas, 1845-1918
General David Douglas Wemyss, 1760–1839
General Hugh Douglas, Living 1780
General Sir Charles Horsley Douglas, 1815-1940
General Sir Howard Douglas, 1776 - 1861
General Sir Kenneth Mackenzie-Douglas, 1754-1833
General William Douglas, d1747
George Douglas, 1st Earl of Dumbarton, 1635 - 1691/2
George Douglas, 2nd Earl of Dumbarton, 1687 - 1748/9
George Douglas-Hamilton, 1st Earl of Orkney c1666 - 1737
George Henry Douglas-Pennant, k1915
Glen Douglas, 1927-2011...
Golden Gate National Cemetery
Gordon Douglas, born 1882
Gp Capt Eric Alfred Douglas-Jones, 1906-1984
Hector Douglas, 1874-1935
Hector Douglas, 1885-1915
Henry Douglas, Earl of Drumlanrig (1722 - 1774)
Henry Penghana Douglas, d1921
Herbert M. Douglas, 1922-2012
Hilton Douglas, bc1923
Ian Douglas-Wilson, 1912-2013
James Douglas, d1873
James Douglas, Earl of Angus, 1671-1692
James Fife 'Jock' Douglas, d1947
James Henderson Douglas, 1899-1964
James Sandilands Douglas (1872- )
James Sholto Gordon Douglas, b1872
James White Douglas, 1876-1916
John Douglas, 1834-1916
John Douglass, abt1764-1839
John Henry Douglas, living 2017
John James Douglas, 1792-1836
John North Douglas, 1880-1947
John Sholto Douglas, b1904
Johnstone Mathewson Douglas, k1916
Joseph Douglass, 1896-1918
Keith Douglas, 1920-1944
Kenneth Mackenzie Douglas, 1893-1918
L/Cpl Allan Douglas, K2006
Leslie Douglas-Mann, 1894-1986
Lewis Henry Douglas,1840–1908
Lt Adam Douglas, - 1812
Lt Bryce Douglas, 1898-1917
Lt Col Gavin Douglas, living 2006
Lt Col Hugh Maxwell Douglas, c1824 - 1862
Lt Gen Archibald Douglas, 1707-1778
Lt Gen Stewart Douglas, d1795
Lt General Charles Douglas,1814-1885
Lt General Sir Neil Douglas, living 1815
Lt General Sir Robert Douglas, abt 1745 - 1827
Lt James Douglas, K1879
Lt James Henry Douglas ( - 1879)
Maj Stephen Douglas, living between 1826 and 1867
Maj.-Gen. William Douglas-Maclean-Clephane, 1759-1803
Major Angus Douglas-Hamilton, VC 1863 - 1915
Major Boleyn Douglas, c1790
Major Charles Douglas, c1807 - 1847
Major General Archibald Douglas, 1896-1981
Major General Henry Edward Manning Douglas VC, 1875-1939
Major General Henry Mcdonell De Wend Douglas Douglas, 1834-1897
Major General James Archibald Douglas, 1862-1932
Major General John Primrose Douglas 1908-1975
Major General Octavious Douglas-Hamilton 1821 - 1904
Major General Robert Douglas of Garlston, c1744 - 1798
Major General Robert Douglas, 1727-1809
Major General Robert Douglas, d1828
Major General Robert W. Douglass 1900 - 1976
Major General Sir Robert Percy Douglas, 1804-1891
Major General Sir William Douglas, 1770-1834
Major General Sir William Douglas, 1858-1920
Major George Douglas, 1819-1845
Major Henry Kyd Douglas, 1840-1903
Major James Mainwaring Douglas, - 1887
Major James Torry Douglas, 1758-1820
Major John M. Douglas, d1907
Major Sholto Douglas, 1795-1838
Major Sholto W. Douglas, killed 1914
Major Walter Gordon Douglas-Willan, k1918
Major William Douglas, d1818
Major William Hew Sholto Douglas, b1947
Major William Sholto Douglas, 1875-1914
Malcolm Gordon Douglas
Mary Alice Douglas, c1915 - 1989
Mary Douglass, 1839-1931
Military memorials
Montagu William Douglas, 1831–1867
Osborne Henry Douglas, 1880-1918
Patrick Douglas (1722 - 1779)
Paul Howard Douglas, 1892 - 1976
Percival Francis Douglas, 1877-1955
Private George Douglas, 1893 - 1918
Private Herbert Vincent Douglas, born 1891
Raymond Dunckley Douglas, 1893-1920
Rev James Douglas, k1944
Rev. William Keith Douglas, 1888-1943
Richard Douglass, 1746–1828
Richard John Hardy Douglas, 1831-1913
Robert Henry Douglas, b1901
Robert St John Blacker-Douglass, 1893-1915
Roderick Douglas, 1908-1990
Roger Douglas, 1894-1919
Rupert Douglas, c1658
S/Sgt Charles Douglas, 1947 - 1967
Sir George Henry Scott Douglas d1885
Sir George Henry Scott Douglas,1825-1885
Sir GeorgeDouglas
Sir James Stewart Douglas, 6th Bt. 1859-1940
Sir Robert Douglas, 3rd of Glenbervie, k1692
Sir Thomas Monteath Douglas, 1788–1868)
The American Revolutionary War Troops in North Carolina
The Douglas Generals
Thomas Douglas, k1915
Thomas Evan Douglas, Missing in action 1965
Thomas Gale Douglas, d1822
Tony Douglas, 1929-2013
Troopers George and thomas Douglas, KIA 1915
Wilhelm Ludwig Karl von Douglas, 1849-1908
William 'Alec' Douglas, b1929
William Huggett Douglas, b1895
William Morales Douglas, c1819-1897
WW1 doctors



Douglases who served in the military
Captain Alexander Douglas - search for    
Captain Augustus Maynard Douglas-Hamilton 1854 - 1928
Henry Kyd Douglas (1840 - 1903)
Lieutenant Richard Douglas (1750 - )
Henry Osborne Douglas 4th Garrison Battalion (1788 - c1821)
Brigadier-General Archibald (Douglas), 2nd Earl of Forfar, Prince George of Denmark's Regiment
Lt. General Stewart Douglas  (d unm 30.06.1795 )
Lt. General James Douglas  (d 1691)
Major Douglas, Company of Artillery, Portugal 1827
Lt Gen Archibald Douglas, Col 13th Dragoons 1707 - 1778
Capt Archibald Martin John Douglas, 13th Dragoons 1747 - 1787
Major James Stewart Douglas (501587), The Royal Irish Rangers (27th (Inniskilling), 83rd and 87th). MBE 1991 New years Honours; OBE May 1996 b. bef. 1991
Major Charles Douglas, 59th Regiment 1785 - 1816 unm
Capt Thomas Douglas, Dumfriesshire Militia d 1826 unm
Lt-Col, Montagu William DOUGLAS b 1863
Lieutenant James Henry Scott Douglas Royal Scots Fusiliers K 1879
Brigadier General Archibald Campbell Douglas Living 1886
Brigadier General Clarence J. Douglas Jr. 1924 - 
Brigadier General Paul P. Douglas Jr. 1919 - 2002
Brigadier General John W. Douglass  1941 = 
Major General Robert Wilkins Douglass Jr 1900 - 1976
Major General Henry Douglas VC
Brigadier General William M. Douglass 1942 - 
Brigadier Douglas c1963
Brigadier M G Douglas-Withers CBE ADC c2000
Lt.Colonel Lord Spencer Douglas-Hamilton 1742 - 1791
Maj.-Gen. Octavius Douglas-Hamilton 1821 - 1904
Captain Basil Sholto Anne Douglas-Hamilton 1876 - 1920 not a naval captain?
John Douglas Douglas, Major, Royal Artillery, commissioned 18 July 18656; Major 1st January 1884 1891 Army List
Asst Surgeon Campbell Mellis Douglas VC
General Sir Howard Douglas, 3rd Bt (),  1776-1861 Portrait
Major George Sholto Douglas 1858 - 1916
General Sir C. Douglas 1914
General Douglas, Chief of General Staff appt ceased Oct 1914 ?as above
Captain H. Douglas, 97 Bty RA 1805
Lieutenant-Colonel and Brevet Colonel Norman Douglas TD, Royal Army Ordnance Corps, Territorial Army, Deputy Assistant Director of Ordnance Services, 50th (Northumbrian) Division, Territorial Army. C.B.E. in 1938
General Barrington C. Douglas living 1908  
Col George Douglas - Colonel of Foot, taken prisoner, Battle of Worcester, 1651 Living 1651  
Lieutenant of Horse Hugh Doglas, taken prisoner, battle of Worcester, 1651 Living 1651  
Lieutenant of Foot Robert Douglas, taken prisoner, battle of Worcester, 1651 Living 1651  
Cornet of Horse David Douglas, taken prisoner, battle of Worcester, 1651 Living 1651  

Captain Charles Aytone Douglas - 51st Foot . Son of Colonel Robert Douglas.

killed near Lezaca, in the Pyrenees - 31st August 1813 ? of Kinglassie
Captain John Graham Douglas - 1/52nd Foot wounded at Nive, 10th December 1813. died 23rd December.  
David Douglas, ensign in the Earl of Drum Lanerks (Lanarkshire?) (Drumlanrig's) regiment 28 Oct 1750 Edinburgh  
Captain James Douglas, in Orkney's regiment of foot 16 Nov 1718 Edinburgh  
Colonel/Ensign David Douglas 25 Dec 1725 - Dec 1821  
Major William Douglas. 91st Argyllshire Highlanders    
Capt William Douglas, 103rd Regiment 1748 - 1810  
Lt Col James George Douglas Brother of John St Leger Douglas 1779
Captain James William Douglas
Promoted to Major (in India) 28th June 1838  
Major-general Sir William Douglas  1858-1920  
Lance Corporal William James Douglas, Royal Army Ordnance Corps attd Royal Engineers, lost in S.S. Lancastria (Liverpool) 17th June 1940, buried/remembered ARS-EN-RE COMMUNAL CEMETERY ILE DE RE - Charente-Maritime

Private Herbert Kitchenor Douglas,  Field Bakery Royal Army Service Corps, lost in S.S. Lancastria (Liverpool) 17th June 1940, buried/remembered DUNKIRK MEMORIAL – Nord

General William Douglas of Baads (brother to Walter) b 1679  
Colonel Walter Douglas of Baads (brother to William)  Governor-General of the Leeward Islands 1670-1739.  
Captain Alexander Douglas, Bt, Dundee Volunteers Capt 30 Mar 1797  
Lt James Douglas, Loughborough Volunteers Lt 22 Aug 1794  
2Lt Neil Douglas, 2nd Royal Regt., Glasgow Volunteers (1) 2Lt, 15 Jun 1797  
Capt James Sholto Douglas, Sussex Artillery (2) Capt 15 Jun 1797  
2Lt Archibald Douglas, Roxburghshire Yeomanry c 1794  
Capt William Douglas, Princess of Wales (or Aberdeen Highland) Fencible Regiment Capt 25 Oct 1794  
Capt John Douglas, Manchester and Salford Yeomanry c 1794  
Cornet William Douglas, Princess Royals Fencible Regiment (3) 1 May 1795  
Capt Archibald Douglas, Lowland (West) Fencible Regiment 17 feb 1794  
Col Lord Archibald Douglas, Angusshire Fencible Regiment Col 1795  
Capt William Douglas,  Angusshire Fencible Regiment 20 Oct 1794. Late 2nd Battalion of the 25th Foot `
Colonel William Ann Douglas, 3rd Regiment of Foot Guards; a freeholder of Cupar, 22 Jul 1790 1790  
Major General William Douglas from half-pay, 97th Foot, appointed Colonel 2nd Royal Veteran Battalion in 1819  

1.  Possibly Sir Neil Douglas, (1779/80–1853)
2.  Probably the same James Sholto Douglas who was father ot General Sir James Dawes Douglas KCB (1785–1862)
3.  Probably William Douglas, October 25, 1794; Surgeon's Mate; Surgeon, September 28, 1779, vice Kerr.

Robert Douglas 1917Can anyone help with Robert's family details?
Which battalion did he serve in? Was it in France?

See also:

•  Douglases who were at Waterloo, 1815



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