Biographies in the Douglas Archives

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The Early Douglases   (1174 - 1302)
The Black Douglases
The Red Douglases                    
The Earls of Angus  
The Earls of Morton 1493 - now
The Marquesses of Douglas 1589 - 1973
The Baron Douglases of Douglas 1748 - 1857
The Lords of Drumlanrig 1400 - 1639
The Dukes of Hamilton 1606 - date
The Earls of Home 1605 - date
The Douglases of Mordington
The Douglas family in Rowan County, USA [pdf]
1608 - 1791
The Douglases of Queensberry
The Earls of Selkirk 1646 - 2009
The Earls of Wigton  
  1372 - 1455
Baron Blythswood
Barons Montagu of Beaulieu
Count of Longueville
Douglas dit Schott in Belgium
Douglas familes in Ireland
Douglas Families in Perthshire
Douglas families in Spain
Douglas families in the Carolinas
Douglas families in the Falklands
Douglas family in Italy
Douglas family in Lurgan
Douglas family in Mississippi
Douglas family in Palestine
Douglas family in Pennsylvania
Douglas Family in South Africa
Douglas family in Yorkshire
Douglas Family Trees
Douglas in Brittany, Haute-Picardie and Bugey
Douglas in Ulston
Douglas of Adderston
Douglas of Arkland
Douglas of Baads
Douglas of Baitford
Douglas of Barloch
Douglas of Blackmiln
Douglas of Blaydon
Douglas of Bonjedward
Douglas of Borg
Douglas of Bridgeford
Douglas of Brigton
Douglas of Burford
Douglas of Carr
Douglas of Cashogle
Douglas of Cavers
Douglas of Clapperton
Douglas of Cliftonhall
Douglas of Cruixton
Douglas of Dervock
Douglas of Dornock
Douglas of Douglas
Douglas of Druimfin, Isle of Mull
Douglas of Drumgarland
Douglas of Drumlanrig
Douglas of Dundarrach
Douglas of Earnslaw
Douglas of Edrington
Douglas of Fingland
Douglas of Friarshaw
Douglas of Garrallan
Douglas of Garvald
Douglas of Glenbervie
Douglas of Glendinning
Douglas of Glenfinart
Douglas of Grace Hall
Douglas of Grangemuir
Douglas of Greenlaw
Douglas of Gyrn
Douglas of Hawthornden
Douglas of Hermiston
Douglas of Kilhead
Douglas of Killiewarren
Douglas of Kilspindie
Douglas of Kinglassie
Douglas of Kirkness
Douglas of Knightsridge
Douglas of Leswalt
Douglas of Lethcamrach
Douglas of Lindisfarne
Douglas of Lochleven
Douglas of Lockerbie
Douglas of Longniddry
Douglas of Luce
Douglas of Mains
Douglas of Maxwell
Douglas of Mordington
Douglas of Morton
Douglas of Mountain Lodge
Douglas of Mouswald
Douglas of Muldearg
Douglas of Neidpath
Douglas of Nether Howden
Douglas of Parkhead
Douglas of Penzearie
Douglas of Pierston
Douglas of Pinkerton
Douglas of Pittendreich
Douglas of Pumpherston
Douglas of Ralston
Douglas of Rathobyres
Douglas of Rungallie
Douglas of Salwarpe
Douglas of Spott
Douglas of Springwood
Douglas of Spynie
Douglas of Stenhouse
Douglas of Stonypath
Douglas of Strathbrock
Douglas of Strathendry
Douglas of Swinside
Douglas of Swynside
Douglas of Tibbers
Douglas of Tilquhillie
Douglas of Timpendean
Douglas of Toftis
Douglas of Torthorwald
Douglas of Wakefield
Douglas of West Calder
Douglas of Whiterigs
Douglas of Whittinghame
Douglas Scotti of Agazzano
Douglas Scotti of Fombio
Douglas Scotti of Sarmato
Douglas Scotti of Sarmato
Douglas Scotti of Vigoleno
Douglas Scotto in Sicily
Douglas-Mann family
Douglas-Pennant family
Douglases in Carlisle
Douglases in Elgin
Douglases in Georgia, USA
Douglases in the Baltic states
Douglases of Iowa
Douglases of Moray
Douglases of Ontario
Douglass family of Missouri
Duke of Dover
Duke of Touraine
Dukes of Buccleuch
Earl of Ormond
Earls of Douglas
Earls of Home
European Douglas Families
Grimaldi of Monaco
Ohio early arrivals
Robert Douglas, 3rd of Brigton, 1773-1835
Scotti Di Carpeneto
Scotti Douglas family
Sholto-Douglas Family of South Africa
Tennessee early arrivals
The Cowan-Douglas family
The Douglas Earls of Ruglen
The Douglas Earls of Wigton
The Douglas family in France
The Douglas family in Germany
The Douglas Family in Musselburgh
The Douglas-Haw family of South Africa
The Douglases of the Standard Theatre
The Earls of Angus
The Earls of Morton
The Lords Carlyle
The Lords Dalkeith
The Marquesses of Douglas
The Montagu Douglas Scotts
The Swedish branch
William Douglas, 4th of Brigton, 1803-1869
Douglases of the 1st Century Architects
Douglases of the 6th Century Artists
Douglases of the 11th Century Actors
Douglases of the 12th Century Authors and poets
Douglases of the 13th Century Medicine and science
Douglases of the 14th Century Legal and judiciary
Douglases of the 15th Century Politicians
Douglases of the 16th Century Alumni of Pembroke College, Cambridge
Douglases of the 17th Century Journalists and broadcasters
Douglases of the 18th Century Sports men and women
Douglases of the 19th Century Priests and ministers of religion
Douglases of the 20th Century Boxers
Douglases of the 21st Century Musicians
Douglases who served in the military Clock & watch makers
Douglases who served in the navy Photographers
Douglases who served in the airforce
Douglases who served in the navy during the Napoleonic Wars

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