Douglas of Cashogle

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•  Families of Douglas of Dalveen and Douglas of Cashogle.—Two other ancient families who had their estates and residences in the parish of Durisdeer, were Douglas of Dalveen and Douglas of Cashogle. They were both cadets of the house of Drumlanrig. All these lands are now in the possession of the noble family of Queensberry.

There are only three other land-owners in the parish; and their properties are small.

The New Statistical Account of Scotland: Dumfries, Kirkcudbright, Wigton 1845

•  (4th Lord. of Drumlanrig) William, who was flain in the battle of Kirkonel near Sanquar(1) against Alexander Duke of Albany, the King's brother. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Crichton; Lord Sanqua1f ancestor to the Countess and heiress of Dumfr1es, and by her had three sons; James, his heir.—Robert, of whom were descended Douglas of Cashogle and Dalony;—George, ancestor to Douglas of Pinerie; and having also two daughters, Janet was married to William Lord Somerville, and Margaret to Sir Robert Dalziel, ancestor to the Earl of Carnwath.

•  William Douglas, 4th Lord Drumlanrig (d. 1484) and Elizabeth Crichton had a son,
Archibald Douglas of Cashogle & Dalveen who married Christian Johnstone. Their son,
Archibald Douglas of Cashogle (d. 1548) married and had
Hugh Douglas of Dalveen who died 1565 (?1556)

•  The chronicler Ramage wrote that " within the kirk of Durisdeer in 1556 the baron John Douglas, son of Archibald of Coshogle, had to appear after the murder of Hugh Douglas of Dalveen, and there before the altar bare his sword before and to the relatives of the dead man, in order to end a family feud. "

• James Pringle of Smailholm, Nviio succeeded him, and resided in the baronial tower. He flourished in the reigns of James II. and, III.; who he married is not Iionv knoNvn, or upon record, hut he left two sous and oi.e daughter— David his heir, and William, ancestor of the Pringles of Clifton, which appears by a charter of confirmation under the great seal from King James IV. H'i/helmo Hop* Pringle de Smallholm de lerris de Clifton in vice commilatu de Roxburgh, Sfc* confirmed August 8, 1509.— His daughter Isabel, married first, Archibald Douglas of Cashogle, son of William Douglas of Drumlanrig; and second, the celebrated Cragy Wallace, as brave n man as Scotland ever produced ; she had children by both. James Pringle of Smaillicilni died in the beginning of the reign of James IV and was succeeded by his son,

•  The death of the Earl of Angus in 1588, was ascribed to Witchcraft, and one Barbary Naipar, in Edinburgh, wife to Archibald Douglas of the house of Cashogle, was apprehended on suspicion:-Home of Godscroft.  Being pregnant, the sentence was apparently deferred and then nobody insisted in persuing her and so she was set at liberty

•  Norman Douglas of Dundarroch's research shows that his ancestor, Douglas of Collieston, is a descendant of Douglas of Cashogle; see family tree [pdf] 

1.  This extract from The Peerage of England, Scotland, and Ireland, Vol 2, 1790 seems to be inaccurate as the the battle, now known as Lochmaben Fair, was not 'near Sanquar' but between Lochmaben and Carlisle.




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•  Home of Godscroft
•  New Statistical Account of Scotland: Dumfries, Kirkcudbright, Wigton 1845

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