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Genealogical relationship abbreviations

I have just discovered that there is an 'official' set of abbreviations within genealogical circles.  Oops!  There will be many wrong ones within the Douglas Archives, then.

This is what I found:

The genealogical terminology used in many genealogical charts describes relatives of the subject in question. Using the abbreviations below, genealogical relationships may be distinguished by single or compound relationships, such as BC for a brother's children, MBD for a mother's brother's daughter, and so forth.

  • B = Brother
  • B = Brother
  • C = Child(ren)
  • D = Daughter Father
  • F = Father
  • GC = Grandchild(ren)
  • GP = Grandparent(s) Parent
  • S = Son
  • Z = Sister
  • W = Wife
  • H = Husband
  • SP = Spouse
  • LA = In-law
  • SI = Sibling
  • M = Mother
  • (m.s.) = male speak(m.s.) = male speaking
  • (f.s.) = female speaking

Following some correspondence, I have felt it necessary to include a full list>>>

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