Louis Archambault Douglas

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Louis-Archambaud de Douglas

Louis Archambaud Douglas was born on 16th March 1758 in Montréal, in Bugey (dept of Ain), France, the eldest son of Francois-Prosper Douglas and Charlotte de La Corne.

Louis-Archambaud received an education 'that is both solid and brilliant he was, in the following, draw profit'.

The death of his uncle, Charles Joseph, puts him in 1788 to head the County MONTREAL; immediately he undertook major work in the home of his ancestors, and the revolution of 1789 surprises in the middle of a huge construction site. On inclined to moderation character, and how the new provisional lord MONTREAL, applies to prevent any excuse for violence.

Appointed Commander of the National Guard of the town, it still holds that office at the Feast of the Federation of July 14, 1790; the following September, he donated a flag to the Municipality.

The abolition of privileges August 4, 1789, removing peerages June 17, 1790 the were only slightly affected.

He married soon after.

Protected in its common by the esteem and affection of his fellow ex-Count DOUGLAS ran grave danger as soon as he walked away from it. June 13, 1793, there is a list of people who have left supectes District NANTUA to get to LYON: 'Duglas, noble lord and Cy before MONTREAL, his wife and child.

It must be said that Louis had Archambaud duglas NANTUA a personal enemy, his relative Joseph Bernard De Delilia Crose , lawyer, member of the Third Estate and native MONTREAL.
Between the two families, the quarrel was old, although the marriages have sometimes met.

The DELILIA blamed primarily to DOUGLAS, there seems to be "Newcomers" in the country (in 1619), while they themselves were present in the region three centuries ago!

Anyway, the 'citizen DOUGLAS' having gone to NANTUA October 26, 1793 for its business and to aim his residence certificate, the Oversight Committee is quick to stop; but the same day, the General Council MONTREAL intervenes strongly in his favor and obtained his release.

DOUGLAS must make a further gesture of conciliation: October 28, he delivers to the common more than 50 burrows (title) to be burned in accordance with the Act of 17 July 1793.

At the same time, it is as worried about ... Canada; and Nov. 6 must exhibit a long history in the circumstances of his birth, to prove he was born French and has always remained.

November 22, 1793, he abandoned in favour of "common soldier who distinguished first by a brilliant action" patent for an annuity of 200 pounds to him "given" in consideration of the services of "his late father in law "; In addition he donated to the country a debt of 6,560 pounds on the Treasury with interest arrears of three years, and wanting to "link its interests fate and success of the Revolution" endorsed this as a voluntary loan amount 1,000 pounds that will pay within a week with 14 or 15 marks of silver and the remainder in common species.

Generosity poorly rewarded: he was soon arrested again. However, it gives him, because of his health, to remain under house arrest in his own home NANTUA.

In vain, he notes that housed many "patriots" in his unfinished house MONTREAL; from February to October 1794, he remains under close guard. The time of his detention coincides roughly with the most tragic period of the Revolution in the Ain.

If the casualties there were relatively low, the department holds the sad record of revolutionary vandalism, thanks to the representative of the people, reputational damage, Albitte sent by early 1794 Convention.

The clearer artistic heritage accumulated by centuries of Christianity, statues, paintings, silver and furniture, emptied a few weeks. 600 towers, less than ten are spared.
MONTREAL falls as that of others.

Only the lack of manpower prevented the complete destruction of castles, churches and chapels.

After the fall of Robespierre, Louis-Archambaud DOUGLAS, released, can again concentrate on his business; but religious persecution is not over. Many priests, missionaries illegal crossing, are received at the castle, but not without risks.

Before the end of the Revolution, the es-count, a great lover of horses, manages to combine his tastes with the national interest in the property by establishing a stud 6 standards.
In 1803, he agreed to serve on the City Council MONTREAL; it will quickly elected MAYOR and will remain until 1830.

Under the Empire, it is general counsel; restoration of Bourbons, he entered the Chamber of Deputies.

He died in 1842.

A gravestone at the Douglas Chapel in Montreal La Cluse reads:

Here lies:
Louis Archambault Earl DOUGLAS, Knight of the Legion of Honour and the Order of St Maurice and St Lazarus of Piedmont
Born in MONTREAL (???CANADA) March 16 MDCCLVIII      MONTREAL Bugey death in February 24 MDCCCXLII
He was a member of the General Council of the Empire, a member of the Chamber of Deputies MDCCCXV.
The straightness of his mind, the goodness of his heart, the loyalty of his character and grace of manner merited him the affection and respect of all who knew him. DE PROFUNDIS.

The DELILIA citizen OF CROZE denounced the lord MONTREAL, because it had set in LYON, and claimed from the kings of Scotland.
April 2, 1793, they arrested DOUGLAS and is incarcerated at Bourg en Bresse.
It was promised to the guillotine.
But two days before the date set for the execution, farmers MONTREAL presented themselves delegation to the revolutionary court to demand his
We brought him triumphantly MONTREAL.
In 1812, Napoleon appointed the Earl of DOUGLAS MEMBER of the General Council.
Then it became: SAINT LOUIS Knight in 1816, Knight of the LYS in 1819 and a Knight of the Legion of Honor.
He died in 1842.

The thorny issue of ownership of forests MONTREAL opposes many years ROSET Mayor and the City Council. Finally, after a thorough exploration of the archives until the time of the DUKES OF SAVOY and even Sires Thoiré-Villars, the dispute is resolved in favour of the City, but soon the castle and village are reconciled, since DOUGLAS is a new mayor in 1859.

The history of Bugey MONTREAL - FRANCE, during the 19th and 20th centuries has, at first glance, few highlights lack of sufficient perspective to appreciate its importance.

The wars of 1870 and 1914 there were as deadly elsewhere; DOUGLAS family, as always, contributed generously of his blood for the country.

Jacques Marie Gabriel "Henri" de DOUGLAS, son of Jacques Théodore Sholto de DOUGLAS 1844-1925 and Yvonne Marie Félix LE GENTIL de PAROY 1848-1905
Né le 16 août 1889 - Montréal-la-Cluse (01460),Fr-010,Ain,Rhône-Alpes,FRANCE
Décédé le 11 décembre 1924 - Paris (75012),Fr-750112,Paris (Seine),Ile-de-France,FRANCE , à l’âge de 35 ans
Sous directeur de banque, Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur, Croix de guerre 1914-1918,
He had three sons, one of whom was the grandfather of Kevin, Comte de Douglas. This son was born in 1925 and died in 1999 in Trocadero, Paris, France.

The translation below indicates that Pierre Archambaud Douglas is  known to us as Louis Archambaud Douglas

Pierre Archimbaud de Douglas was born on March 16, 1758 in Montreal, Canada. He was a student at the Military School in Paris and served as an officer in the Dragons de Belsunce (later the 5th Regiment of Chasseurs à Cheval) and in the Bourgogne-Cavalerie regiment. He inherited the Château de Montréal in the Bugey region and probably his title of Count. He was a Knight of the Order of Saint-Maurice and Saint-Lazare, lord of Terrebonne and Beauregard. He married Anne Marie Gabrielle Victoire Despiney on February 19, 1783 in Lyon. He was appointed commander of the cantonal militia on September 20, 1789. He was detained and released on May 8, 1793. On 16 Brumaire Year II, he was forced to appear before the General Council of Montréal to justify his French nationality. He was imprisoned again but released by Boisset on 26 Vendémiaire Year III. He became president of the canton assembly in 1796 and 1797, and was mayor of Montréal from 1802 to 1830. He was a general councilor from 1800 until 1829. He received the Legion of Honor from S.A.R. Monsieur during his visit to Bourg in 1814. He was appointed president of the electoral college of the Nantua district in August 1815, and was elected deputy of Ain on August 22, 1815. He died in Montréal on February 22, 1842.

Robert Jacques Marie Gabriel de Douglas was born on August 16, 1889 in Montréal. According to CARAN, his Legion of Honor dossier has the file code L0797024. There is no further information provided about him in the register. However, see above.

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