Rear Admiral Karl Ferdinand von Grumme-Douglas

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Karl Ferdinand Grumme , from Grumme since 1900 , from Grumme-Douglas since 1912 (born June 5, 1860 in Stockholm , Sweden , † July 18, 1937 at Gut Rehdorf in Neumark ) was a German naval officer , most recently rear admiral and politician.

Grumme came from a family in Lower Saxony , which first appeared in Harste near Göttingen in the 17th century . He married Ellen Gräfin von Douglas on August 9, 1900 at Gut Ralswiek ( Ruegen Island ) (born December 1, 1881 in Aschersleben , † March 8, 1964 in Cologne-Mülheim ), the daughter of the Prussian major and member of the State Council Dr. med. hc Hugo Graf von Douglas, Fideikommissherr at Gut Ralswiek, and Jenny Reisner.

He joined the Imperial Navy on April 23, 1878 as a cadet . After his basic training on land and on the training ship Niobe , Grumme came to the naval school for the first time . He then continued his training on various ships and returned from January 5, 1882 to October 30, 1882 one more time at the naval school. After the successful completion of Grumme on November 16, 1882 with seniority from December 17, 1881 received his officer license as a lieutenant at sea . He was used as a company officer in the II Sailors Division and appeared on the steamer Feronia in early May 1884emigrated to East Asia , where he spent the next two years as an officer on watch on the cannon boat Iltis used in the station service. During this time, Grumme was promoted to sea lieutenant on March 19, 1885 . After returning to Germany, Grumme had various on-board and land commands in the following years, until he finally became first officer on the Hohenzollern in 1899 as a corvette captain . Grumme then rose to serve as wing adjutant to Kaiser Wilhelm II. on. He held this position, interrupted from a leave of absence from October 1901 to mid-August 1902, until September 25, 1904. With this day Grumme was put up for disposition .

On January 27, 1910, he received the character of rear admiral.

Grumme-Douglas was the manor of Rehdorf (1,083 hectares ). Politically, he worked as a member of the Prussian manor for life. In 1918 he was a member of the Imperial Yacht Club in Kiel.

His elevation to the Prussian nobility took place on the day of his wedding on August 9, 1900 at Wilhelmshöhe Palace near Kassel . The Prussian approval for the name association as " von Grumme-Douglas " was granted on February 19, 1912 in Berlin with a diploma from April 19, 1912 in Achilleion. 

•  Hugo, his father-in-law died in 1912.  The extended family inherited his wealth.  This appears to coincide with the adoption of Douglas into his surname.



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