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Rev. Robert Gresley Douglas, born at Salwarpe, co. Worcester, 24 March, = bapt. there 25 April 1862 ; educated at Marlborough and at Keble College, Oxford, matriculated 19 October 1880, B.A. 1885, M.A. 1887; Curate of St. Matthew's, Leicester, 1885-87, of Northfield, co. Worcester, 1887-89; Vicar of Fichsburg, Orange Free State, 1890-93, Rector of Beaconsfield, Griqualand West, both South Africa, 1894-97; Vicar of St. Peter's, Stockport, co. Chester, 1897-1901, of North Nibley, co. Gloucester, 1901-05 ; Rector of Rondesboch, Cape Colony, South Africa, 1 905-1 1 ; Curate of St. Barnabas' (in charge of St. Andrew's), Bexhill- on-Sea, co. Sussex, 1913-16; Rector of Winchelsea, co. Sussex, 1916.
Rev. Robert Gresley Douglas, born at Salwarpe, co. Worcester, 24 March, bapt. there 25 April 1862 ;

brother to the Revd Arthur Jeffreys DOUGLAS UMCA missionary
           born 09 Oct 1871 died 10 Nov 1911 Kango Lake Nyasa
brother to the Revd Gerald Wybergh DOUGLAS UMCA missionary
           rector Christ Church S Leonards-on-Sea Sussex 
           born 17 Jun 1875
fourth son of the Revd William Willoughby DOUGLAS MA of Salwarpe co Worcester
           JP patron and rector of Salwarpe, honorary canon of Worcester
           born 13 Jul 1824 died 19 Feb 1898
           brother to first daughter Frances DOUGLAS, married the Revd W WALSHAM HOW bishop of Wakefield
           brother to fifth son Thomas DOUGLAS of Derwent Lodge Tunbridge Wells
                           farmer Amberley North Canterbury, married Janet HARPER
           first son of fourteen children of the Revd Henry DOUGLAS MA canon Durham
           born 17 Apr 1793 died 15 Jul 1850
           married 30 Sep 1823
           and Eleanor BIRT died 24 Apr 1879
           daughter of the Revd Thomas BIRT vicar Newland co Gloucester
           married 22 Jan 1850
and Frances Jane HOW died 11 Dec 1899
           daughter of William Wybergh HOW of Nearwell Shrewsbury;

Robert married Ethel Annie Rome, dau. of Thomas Blunt, M.D. ; marr. at All Saints', Beaconsfield, Griqualand West, on Wednesday, 27 November 1895.
1884 Ely theological college
1885 BA Keble College Oxford
1887 MA Oxford
1885 deacon Ely for Peterborough
1886 priest Peterborough

1885-1887 curate S Matthew Leicester diocese Peterborough
1888-1889 curate Northfield Worcestershire
16 Nov 1889 curate Modderpoort diocese Bloemfontein South Africa
1890-1894 vicar Ficksburg and Ladybrand with Clocolan
           colleague of Bishop KNIGHT-BRUCE (see Some Account of the diocese of Bloemfontein in the province of South Africa from 1863 to 1894 by William CRISP BD archdeacon of Bloemfontein)
1894-1897 rector Beaconsfield Cape Colony
1897-1901 vicar S Peter Stockport
1901-1905 vicar North Nibley
1905- rector Rondebosch South Africa
rector Winchelsea Rye co Sussex (4;2;8;287)

BHOLB/26p157-158: a ‘Father DOUGLAS’ in a grey gown, whose uncle Thomas DOUGLAS, son-in-law of Bishop HARPER,  had taken an interest in Amberley church in Christchurch diocese; now here it seems on a mission or extended pastoral visit-eccentricity of his grey gown makes Bishop HARPER uneasy but the man is warm and kindly and at once liked and appreciated  (70: BHOLB/26p157-158)

Extract from Keeble College directory:


suffragettesSuffragette prayers


Possible child:
Robert Claude Gresley Douglas, born 18 September 1898, bapt. at St. Peter's, Stockport ; educated at Lancing and at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst.


David Archibald Gresley Douglas 85th Mountain Regiment RA was mentioned in dispatches around 23rd May 1946 - a notice was published in the London Gazette on that day. Captain ( Temp ) DAG Douglas - Royal Artillery.

He was admitted to hospital on 15th Oct 1944 - cause unspecified and relinquished his post of adjutant on that date and resumed the post on 23rd November 1944. He had previously been discharged from hospital on 4th October 1944 and again was reappointed as adjutant.

He enlisted on 15th August 1940 and his commission was dated 26th April 1941. On 1st October 1942 he was appointed W/s Lieutenant. On 21st June 1943 he was appointed A/Captain. On 30th October 1943 he was appointed T/Captain. He was Adjutant 21st June 1943 to 13th July 1943 and again 26th July 1943 to 26th August 1943 and again 24th Sept to 13th Nov 1943 and 22nd July 1944 to 1st Sept 1945.

He served in the Middle East - Iraq and in the Italian Campaign, sent out to fight at El Alamein in Egypt, but by the time they had arrived the Battle had been won and his regiment was redeployed from Egypt to Iraq to prepare for the Italian Campaign. He had Basuto Service Men deployed with him to pull the guns over the Appalachians with their mules which proved a linguistic and logistical challenge. (It was the Monte Di Rontana!)


Gresley, of Salwarpe; as borne by Philip Gresley, High Sheriff in 1790. Mr. Gresley, who was born in 1751, and died s.p. in 1825, was the only son of Philip Gresley (born 1713, ob. 1763) by Elizabeth Surman of Pershore, and grandson of the Rev. Francis Gresley, rector of Strensham, by Elizabeth, daughter of Philip Barton of Besford. This last-named reverend and venerable gentleman, who was born in the year 1674, and died in 1773, at the patriarchal age of ninety-nine, was one of the sons of Henry Gresley by his second wife, Eleanor, daughter of Gervase Buck, and grandson of John Gresley by Joan, daughter of Jasper More of Larden, Salop; which John Gresley was next brother to George Gresley of Drakelow, who was created a baronet in 1611.* Mr. Philip Gresley devised his estates to Robert Archibald Douglas, with a proviso that he should assume the name and bear the arms of Gresley.—Vaire ermine and gules. (IV.)

Douglas-gresley, of High Park, Salwarpe; as exemplified by the College of Arms in 1830 to Robert Archibald Douglas, second son of the late Rev. Robert Douglas, rector of Salwarpe, on his assuming the surname and arms of Gresley. —Vaire ermine and gules, and (for distinction) a canton vert. Crest: A lion passant argent gorged (for distinction) with a collar vaire ermine and gules. Motto: "Meliore fide quam fortuna."

Mr. Douglas-Gresley bears these arms quarterly, in the first and fourth quarters, with those of Douglas, and also uses the Douglas crest in addition to that of Gresley.

* From a pedigree registered in the College of Arms, communicated by R. A. Douglas-Gresley, esq.


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