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Kima Douglas,  born Carol Elizabeth Cecelia Everett on July 19th, 1942 in Oporto Portugal was the daughter of Lt. Cmd. Charles William Everett R.N.V.R. and Elizabeth Mary Cecelia Everett (Woodroffe). Kima passed away January 14th, 2013 in Scottsdale Arizona after severe complications from necrotizing pancreatitis. Never hospitalized in 70 years, her zest for life, that carried her through many hardships, kept her fighting till the end. Kima gave her strength and love unconditionally, always living up to Our Woodroffe Family Crest: 'Cur Ac Manus Concordant' Heart and Hand in Harmony. Widowed in 2003 to Michael Edward Douglas after 30 years. She is survived by: her daughter Kelly Frances Elizabeth Veronica Munk, Gig Harbor, WA; her granddaughters Jade Elizabeth Ruth Hooper and Jette Veronica Celia Hooper, Seattle, WA; her brother Robin Charles Dieudonné Everett, London England, and Cherie, James and Isabelle Embleton. A memorial service was held at 1:00PM March 23, 2013 on Fox Island, Gig Harbor WA.

Kima’s parents had worked as British spies during the Second World War. They were rushing to get home to have her when Kima was born in Portugal on July 19, 1942. Kima then grew up in Rhodesia, where she had a pet elephant.

Kima Douglas was well known in the world of Scientology, and spent several years caring for the founder and leader, L. Ron Hubbard as his nurse during some of the most difficult years that he ran the organization while on the run himself.

Kima said she had first been recruited into Scientology in California in 1968, and by 1970, when she joined Hubbard on the ship was fully under his spell. Kima left Scientology in 1980

The following notes are taken from a transcription of interviews with Kim Douglas.

Kima Douglas was very much a typical Scientologist during her years in the Church, from 1968 to 1980: she was young, English-speaking, well-educated and totally committed. She was well-qualified to join L. Ron Hubbard's naval élite, the Sea Org, which had been founded in 1967. Her past nursing experience in her home country of Rhodesia was discovered at a time when Hubbard's health was rapidly deteriorating and for seven years, from 1973 to 1980, she became a unique combination of nurse, aide de camp and confidante.

I am South African. I wanted to find out about it. I had been through two marriages by '68. I am a child of an alcoholic parent. I joined the Sea Org 25 Sept '68. Hana [Eltringham] took over AOLA [Advanced Organisation Los Angeles] in '69, then Tony Dunleavy came out. I met him, fell in love and in August 1970 went to the ship [Apollo] in Madeira.

...went over to take over publics in Denmark. I came back and the ship was in Casablanca, Morocco and there was an org there at the time where we were training top management teams. Everything was going fine, then some bloody girl [Susan Meister] shot herself on the ship. She got Peter Gillham's gun and shot herself in the mouth. We were in a port that had disease. LRH called me back to the ship to take over medical office. I had 2 years' nurse training at British hospital in Bulawayo - my speciality was labour and delivery.

We were also messing around at that time with the King of Morocco. It got very weird. Tony & I sent out to Apollo US and I fell in love with another man, Carlos Gusman. I was recalled back to ship. This was out-ethics, tsk, tsk. I was put in a low ethics condition, and painting and cleaning the ship went on for 3-4 months.

I was Financial Planning chairman for the ship.

Kima and Michael Douglas were sent to Switzerland and Liechtenstein to transfer the Scientology reserves and Hubbard's money.
Some of the money was under Hubbard's name, I saw his bundle. Another bundle was under the Church. The Church's was bigger but his was big too. When we saw the money everyone's eyes widened. We were told it was highly confidential. When we got back to the ship we saw him immediately. He wanted us to describe how big the piles were. The list of currency numbers was given to Mary Sue. He was very pleased, he thought he had outdone the Swiss.

I was CO HU - Commanding Officer Household Unit.

MADRID. Kima [Douglas] and a girl called Jill went to the Gold Coast in Africa to register three corporations, RRF, one was the "Snow White" project to straighten up and clean all Scientology's dirty washing. Fred Hare was in charge. I had to incorporate these companies. We arrived in Madrid. We went to the apartment. We had an OTC mailing office in Madrid and I was given mail to take back to the ship. Next morning at the airport I was arrested. I was taken into the back office where 15 boxes of mail were that they had taken off the aircraft. I was taken to prison, kept in solitary confinement and interrogated for two days. I was there for 7 days.

Michael was his finance officer and comm officer. He gave Michael a million dollars and told him to make money. Michael turned it into $3m with gold, silver, diamonds, oil and foreign exchange, and stock. He was given a $1,000 bonus. When we left Michael had under his charge about $500,000 worth of diamonds, gold and silver coins in our name at the bank. It may have been $700,000 - there were five bags of gold coins.

Kim was already divorced twice by the ripe age of 26; before she married  Michael Edward Douglas (1947-2003), she was Kima Churchill
In 1970 when she came to the Publications Org in Denmark on mission with her then-husband, Tony Dunleavy, a veteran Sea Org member and executive.

•  Lafayette Ronald Hubbard (LRH) was founder and leader of the Church of Scientology (as it became known).


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