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Kaera DouglasThe alleged killer Christopher Wayne Hudson was a wanted man before Monday's triple shooting in Melbourne. Police said he was probably responsible for a shooting at a truck factory in the city's north a week ago.

Police said the Hells Angels bikie, 29, had an "extensive" criminal history and remained "very dangerous", as his distraught parents pleaded for him to give himself up peacefully.

Hudson's father, Terry, at a news conference on the Gold Coast, revealed he had spoken to his son by phone an hour after the shooting. "Dad, I love you," Hudson had told his father.

Terry Hudson pleaded yesterday: "Please, Chris, if you are watching this, surrender peacefully to the nearest police station to avoid any further conflict or injury, including yourself."

His voice breaking, Mr Hudson added: "Mate, we love you. Please give in. Give up."

Victoria's Police Commissioner, Christine Nixon, described Hudson as "out of control" after he shot dead Brendan Keilar, 43, a solicitor, and wounded a Dutch backpacker, 25.

Both men, widely praised as good Samaritans, had tried to stop Hudson attacking his girlfriend, Kaera Douglas, 24, a former Sydney model, who was also shot. Earlier, it is alleged, he viciously attacked her friend, Autumn Daly-Holt, outside a nightclub.

On her MySpace website, Ms Douglas paints herself as a party girl who loves movies, going out, being in love and "anything fast". Her webpage is emblazoned with Harley Davidson emblems and features dozens of snaps of her and friends, some in raunchy poses. She was in a serious but stable condition in Royal Melbourne Hospital last night.

Mr Keilar's widow, Alice, and his children, Charlie, 8, Phoebe, 6, and Lucy, 4, spent yesterday at their East Hawthorn home. Neighbours laid flowers at the fence. Mr Keilar's father, Harry, at Warrnambool, said: "[Anger] doesn't come into it with me. It's the loss of our son and the wife and children he's left behind. What happens to him [the killer] at this stage doesn't worry me one bit."

Brendan Keilar had recently bought a beach house at Point Lonsdale. A fortnight ago, the extended Keilar clan - including Brendan's five siblings - spent a long weekend there. "We all just had a wonderful weekend … something to remember," his mother, Moya, said. "The kids brought their rabbit and guinea pigs. He was very excited."

The family of the Dutch tourist were on their way to Australia yesterday and requested that his name not be made public.

By last night both cars linked to Hudson - a late model black Mercedes and a NSW-registered black Honda CRV - had been found, the former in the underground car park of an apartment block in Richmond. Ms Nixon confirmed Hudson had been wanted after shots were fired about 5am last Tuesday from a black Mercedes into the Scania truck company's headquarters at Campbellfield, near the Hells Angels' clubhouse on Melbourne's northern fringe.

Although Hudson was the probable culprit, Ms Nixon said there had been little possibility of catching him before Monday. "This is a big city, 3.5 million people. We're trying to find someone in it. We had resources focused on him, but we didn't find him."

Ms Nixon defended a police decision not to release a photograph of Hudson until late on Monday night, saying: "We might have had the wrong person."

Hudson was shot in the jaw and back in March last year during a brawl at a kickboxing tournament on the Gold Coast. A court heard it was payback for his defection from the Finks bike gang to the Hells Angels.

September 2008

Both Ms Douglas, who was shot once and lost a kidney, and Mr De Waard, who shot in the chest and abdomen, have recovered from their injuries.

Christopher Hudson was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Kaera is the daughter of Jim Douglas.

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