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Hugh Douglas (1797-1864), the son of Isobel McPherson and Donald Douglas(1), was transported to Australia for receiving stolen goods.

He fell on hard times or else he was up to no good already, and his wife Euphemia separated from him, He went to his relatives on the Isle of Skye by walking/getting lifts from passing carts. He was arrested there for stealing a blanket off the community line and a spoon from a farmhouse, He had been to visit a relative earlier that day so something musn't have worked in his favour. He was found in the home of a shepherd. I like to think he just borrowed the blanket for warmth and the spoon for his porridge, After he was arrested the family tried to help him escape, and he was violent to the guards even though he was 4 feet 9 inches tall according to his ticket of

Hugh, alias Sholto McPherson, age 37, could both read and write. A protestant, he was married with 2 male and 1 female children, a native of Lanark where he was a house servant, weaver and groom. he was convicted for receiving stolen goods at Inverness Court of Justiciary on 5 Sep 1833 and sentenced to 7 years. He had no former convictions.

He was described as being 5 feet 4 inches tall, ruddy complexion, grey hair and grey eyes, lost canine tooth left side upper jaw, slight scar right cheek, scar back of both wrists.

He was transported from Inverness to Dungog as a convict on the Hive in 1834. His son John Black Douglas(2) was left behind in Lanarkshire but later emigrated with wife and family to Sydney in 1851.

Hugh's wife was Euphemia, probably Euphemia Black.  Hugh Douglas may have remarried although it is unclear if he actually divorced his first wife back in Scotland. He did not return to Scotland after he obtained his ticket of leave.

1. Donald Douglas of Camlachie Glasgow married Isobel McPherson of Kilmorich and Lochgoilhead around 1793.
2. John Black Douglas (1823-1884) lists his religion as Socialist on the ships records and ran for a parliamentary position in East Sydney in 1874 and received over 20% of the vote, and Paddington in 1880. He assisted immigrants who arrived in New South Wales in March 1851 aboard the ship Garland. At one point, he was a house painter.  John Black Douglas was involved in the Wealth and Industrial Exhibition held in Sydney in December 1884. He and his friend George Brown were instrumental in creating this event and petitioning to have an exhibition of the industry which was happening in the Colonies.
3.  Hugh may have been born on 21st October and baptised at the Barony Church, Glasgow on 30th October 1796. He may have had a brother, William.

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