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George Douglass (26 Feb 1726 Pequea , Salisbury Twp, Lancaster, Pennsylvania - Died 10 Mar 1799, Amity Twp, Berks, Pennsylvania) was the son of Andrew Douglass (1702, near Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland - 2 Feb 1741, Salisbury, Lancaster, Pennsylvania) and Jane Ross (Abt 1704- -1742)

'George Douglas of Amity' was appointed a Captain in the The Pennsylvania-German in the Revolutionary War, 1775-1783 on 2nd July 1776.  In 1776, He commanded a company in Lotz's Battalion.  He commanded a battle on Long Island.  He was a Justice of the Peace,

The White Horse Inn, 31 Old Philadelphia Pike, was built around 1762 and was where George Douglass housed his tavern. It was here rebel militias met during the American Revolution.

Within a two-year period, Douglass built a store to his house and an addition to the tavern to keep up with the busy demand the location provided.

Douglass owned the inn, store, and traded in iron. There are archive records on ledgers from the store with information on purchases and sales.

Douglass has his own boat; the boat trade is well-documented. At the time, wheat and apples were the largest farm crops in Pennsylvania. A round trip to Philadelphia by boat in the late 1700s took about four days. Morlatton Village was located at the main crossroads and river, a prime location connecting Reading and Oley to the bustling city.

George married, 25 Apr 1747 at Douglass Manor, Berks, Pennsylvania, Mary Pearsol (25 Aug 1730, Rebecca Furnace, Chester, Pennsylvania - 12 Oct 1798, Amity Twp, Berks, Pennsylvania)

The had nine children:
1. Richard Douglass, b. 25 Nov 1748, Pequea, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, bur. St John's Cemetery, Compass, Chester, Pennsylvania
2. Elizabeth Douglass, b. 25 Jan 1750, Pequea, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, d. 04 Apr 1825 (Age 75 years)
3. Jane Douglass, b. 1752, Pequea, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
4. Ann Rebecca Douglass, b. 13 Feb 1757, Pequea, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
5. Bridget Douglass, b. Abt 1760, Brecknock, Berks, Pennsylvania
6. Andrew Douglass, b. 1762, Morlatton, Berks County, Pennsylvania
7. George Douglass, b. 02 Mar 1764, d. 04 May 1766 (Age 2 years)
8. George Douglass, b. 11 Feb 1767, Morlatton, Berks, Pennsylvania, d. 17 Apr 1833, Douglassville, Berks County, Pennsylvania (Age 66 years)
9. Mary Douglass, b. Pequea, Lancaster, Pennsylvania , d. 15 Apr 1925, St Gabriel's Episcopal Church, Douglassville, Berks, PA

George Douglass died aged 73 and was buried at St Gabriel's Episcopal Church, Douglassville, Berks, PA

•  The town of Douglassville, near Pottstown, was named after him, for he lived in Douglass Manor. He also built and ran the White Horse Tavern, which was a stop on the Schuylkill River for travellers to and from Philadelphia. In 1776, in the Revolutionary War, . A pew in the Valley Forge Memorial Chapel has been given as a memorial to him. (email from Barb Bentrem, 5th grandchild).
•  Wigtonshire Press notice - DOUGLAS, Margaret - D6/1/1844 - At Douglas Farm, on the 6th ult., in her 6th year, Margaret, only daughter of Mr George Douglas, Douglas Farm, Long Island, North America.

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