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Kinglassie and Carr.


The village of Kinglassie stands in central Fife some 3 miles south west of the centre of Glenrothes (and half that distance from its edge), and two miles north east of Cardenden.

William DOUGLAS OF KlNGLASSIE is given in Stodarfs MS. and in Debrett's Baronetage, 1840, as second son of WILLIAM DOUGLAS OF KlRKNESS was retoured to his father 1666.
He apparently married a daughter of Andrew Aytoun of Kinglassie, and had two sons : —
Andrew and Charles.

Andrew Ayton Douglas of Kinglassie had a son: —
Charles Ayton Douglas of Kinglassie, who was retoured to his father 1728, and whose Will is recorded St. Andrews 1745. His son : —
William Ayton Douglas of Kinglassie, was retoured to his father 1744.

Charles Douglas, called of Kinglassie, is said to be a son of William DOUGLAS OF KlNGLASSIE in Stodarfs MS. and Debrett's Baronetage, 1840, and is there said to be father of: —

SIR Charles DOUGLAS, Bt., a distinguished naval officer, died 10th March 1789. He was created a Baronet 23rd January 1777. He married, first, a Dutch lady, who died 1769; and, second, Sarah, daughter of John Wood.
Charles Douglas of Kinglassie, eldest son of William Douglas of Kinglassie, Fife (a 1747), himself the son of Sir William Douglas 3rd of Kirkness (d Dunbar 1650) married Christian Hepburn of Kinglassie (d 1788). Their eldest son was William Douglas of Kinglassie (dspm); their third son was Rear Admiral Sir Charles Douglas of Carr (Perthshire), 1st Bart (1761- 17th March 1789)
William Douglas, of Kinglassie took name of Ayton-Douglas on his marriage to Helen Ayton of Kinglassie. He obtained lands of Kinglassie by his marriage. He was the son of William Douglas, 4th of Kirkness, (b. 1644) and his wife Elizabeth Kirkcaldy, (b. 24 Dec 1644). Their son Charles Ayton-Douglas (born about 1744) married Chritine Hepburn.
Miscellaneous references:
DOUGLAS, CHARLES AYTON (dec): of Kinglassie; Inventory of lands, 20 Feb 1744; Bond of Prov for yr children: Robert, Charles, John, James, Sholto, Helen, and Jean Douglas, 21 Mar 1744 [RH11/27/38 fol 211-13; 219-20]
Captain Charles Aytone Douglas - 51st Foot . Son of Colonel Robert Douglas. killed near Lezaca, in the Pyrenees - 31st August 1813
DOUGLAS, WILLIAM AYTON: eldest son and heir of dec Charles Ayton Douglas of Kinglassie; Factorie to mother, Christian Hepburn, Lady Kinglassie; 21 Feb 1744 [RH11/27/38 fol 220-21

(See also entry for Sir Charles Douglas)
William Currie (1722–70), ordained 1750, son of John Currie (d. 1765), whom he succeeded as Minister of Kinglassie, Fife. He married Jean Douglas (d. 1768) on 9 May 1755.

31 Aug 1785. Death: At Sas Van Ghent, in the service of the United Netherlands, Lt - Col. Robert Douglas, second son of the late Charles Ayton Douglas of Kinglassie, Esq; The Scots Magazine

Either William Douglas, son to Sir John of Kilhead, or Robert Douglas, brother to Finglassie, or John Douglas, son to Lieutenant Douglas. Making reference to those in the Scots Brigade in the (last days of) service of the United Netherlands c.1748.

Dr Douglas, of Kingassie, was at the Royal Visitation to st Andrews, August 1718.

Captain William Douglas of Kinglassie - subscriber to Robert Douglas's Peerage of Scotland.

Archibald Douglas, ancestor of the Douglases of Kirkness, Kinglassie, and Strathendry, son of Sir William Douglas of Lochleven, died 24th September 1606.

 Register of Marriages of the Parish of Edinburgh:
Douglas, of Kinglassie 24 Oct. 1769
„ Sir Robert, of Kirkness 10 July 1728
„ Robert, of Bridgefield 7 Feb. 1743

Rachael, lawful daughter of the deceased Charles Aytone Douglas of Kinglassie, 24 Oct 1769 made testament in St Andrews

Sir Robert Douglas of Kirkness, 7 Feb 1743 made testament in St Andrews

crest - Kinglassie
Douglas of Kinglassie
a anglier between the clefts of an oak tree, with a chain and lock binding then together, all ppr.   Lock sicker
Kinglassie plate
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