Abies Douglasii at Lynedoch

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Abies Douglasii  


At Lynedoch a large acreage has been planted since the Earl of Mansfield purchased the property from the late Lord Lynedoch, about thirty years ago. The woods at Lynedoch are not only very extensive, but they are of great value. Here is a great silver fir, acknowledged to be one of the finest in" Great Britain.

Here, also, are two magnificent Douglasii firs, which rank amongst the best to be met with in this country. The silver fir is 110 feet high. It is about 150 years old, girths 13 ft. 10 in. at 3 feet from the ground, 13 ft. 3 in. at 5 feet from the ground, has a spread of 45 feet, and contains 425 cubic feet of timber. The largest Douglasii fir has lost its leader, but the other one is perfect in all its proportions. They were planted in 1834, and both reach an altitude of 85 feet. The one girths 9 feet 10 inches at 3 feet, and 9 feet 7 inches at 5 feet from the ground ; and the other girths 9 feet 3 inches at 5 feet.

The largest tree has a spread of branches of 70 feet, and the other a spread of 45 feet; and the cubic feet of timber in the one is 132, and in the other 121 feet. On the west side of the estate there is a large track of larch plantation about fifty years of age, the seed of 300 acres of which is said to have been sown by the late Lord Lynedoch when on horseback.

From some points of view this plantation is so extensive as to convey the impression that the whole property is one vast forest, scarcely anything but larch being visible within a very wide range. The forest is in perfect health, and when it comes to be cut down will no doubt yield a most profitable return.
Only a very inadequate idea of the value of the wood on the Lynedoch property can here be given, and it is probable that during the earlier lifetime of the late Lord Lynedoch, it was even more valuable than at present, as a large tract of valuable old timber was cut down before Lord Mansfield purchased the property. Indeed, for ten years previous to Lord Mansfield securing the property, Lord Lynedoch and his representatives were making sad havoc amongst the woods, cutting down timber to the value of about £5000 per annum during the entire decade.

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Sources for this article include:
  • Woods, forests and estates of Perthshire, Thomas Hunter

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