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Douglas Gardiners/Gardeners in Jedburgh






The following has been contributed, and is part of on-going research.  You can help complete it.  The spelling 'gardiner' is taken from original records.

James Douglass gardiner born c1669; info on tombstone at Jedburgh Abbey; Appellants case of 1737; Marriages - Isobell Couman/Cowman 1703 & Jonet/Jannet Olipher 1710; children George 1720 - married Agnes (Annie) Oliver/Olipher, Margret 1722 and James 1727
(likely - other children including a John); witness to the baptism of Thomas Douglas in 1710 (likely brother Andrew Douglas gardiner was serving as a Soldier in Flanders at the time). Andrew Douglas had another son Thomas in 1716

Andrew Douglas gardiner born c1681 - likely brother of James c1669; possible 1st wife of Andrew was Jonnet Jordain in 1704 - witnesses at the baptism of his son Robert in 1707 were a Jordain and a Couman; other children Thomas 1710 and Thomas 1716. A Couman was a mother to Thomas 1710 and her father was Thomas Couman gardiner & Thomas Couman (jnr) gardiner * was a witness along with James Douglas gardiner

Thomas Douglas gardiner 1716 - likely son of Andrew c1681 and he had a likely son Andrew Douglas 1742 a gardiner
The mother of Andrew Douglas 1742 was an unknown Couman/Cowman (who married Thomas Douglas)

William Douglas gardiner c1660 or later

John Douglas gardiner c1673

George Douglas gardiner c1702; son John born 1726

George Douglas 1720 was also a gardiner

John Douglas gardiner 1755 (From Newcastle to Georgia September 1775 on the "Georgia Packet."

* Thomas Couman/Cowman (jnr) gardiner c1677 & Agnes Miller married 2/10/1709 Jedburgh - children all Jedburgh -
Thomas Couman/Cowman bap 22/1/1710
Agnes Couman/Cowman bap 21/1/1711
William Couman/Cowman bap 23/4/1712
Elizabeth Couman/Cowman bap 25/4/1714
Isabel Couman/Cowman bap 7/8/1717
Violet Couman/Cowman bap 17/7/1720

Thomas Couman/Cowman (jnr) gardiner c1677 could have been a sibling to Isobell Couman 1681 who married James Douglas; and Margaret Couman 1686 may have been a wife to Andrew Douglas c1681. There was an Isabell (1) Couman 1674 and an Agnes Couman who married John Dryden in 1706 in Jedburgh.

Thomas Douglafs Gardiner in Jedburgh had a son born 25/11/1742 -named Andrew baptised on 28/11/1742. Andrew Douglafs Gardiner was a witness

Andrew Douglafs Gardiner in Jedburgh had a son born 13/3/1749 - named John baptised on 19/3/1749. Andrew is possibly a brother of Thomas Douglas b1716 gardiner

1734 – James Douglas (a Gardener) – Burgess of Jedburgh

The Galston connection
James Douglas was born 1713 in Galston, Ayrshire. The record reads James Duglass to William Duglass. Apparently this same William was married in Galston to Jennet Morrison, 1708. James was a Gardener and married Janet Sim in 1745, at Loudoun Kirk. It seems that his father William Duglass was the Gardener who was brother to James Douglas (c.1669-1750). There were probably a few brothers; George, Andrew, James and then William.

So this means that James Douglas is grandson of John Douglas (b.1640) son of Andrew Douglas (b.1612) son of Stephen Douglas etc. George had a daughter Christian named on James' (1669) tombstone. James Douglas b1713 also had a daughter Christian. The children of my James Douglas and Janet Sim mostly died in infancy. They had two Margarets, two Francises, James, Christian, David and Janet. Francis and Margaret were names of Janet Sim's parents, Janet as a name would either be for the mother Janet Sim or for Jennet Morrison.


1.  James Douglas (circa 1749 - 20 January 1811) was a 'gardener', or estate manager, for Sir William Manners, heir apparent of the Earl of Dysart at Petersham, Surrey.




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