Douglases in Bermuda

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Index of first names

(information taken from old newspapers) – compiled by Hallett in book form.

1817, April 12: Miss Elizabeth Robert Keele DOUGLAS married Charles Frederick BARTLETT at Port Royal on April 3, by Rev. Mr. MATSON.
1817, Nov. 22: Mrs. DOUGLAS, birth of a daughter in Hamilton on Nov. 19.
1819, Nov. 6: J. W. DOUGLAS of Hamilton, birth of a son on Oct. 8 in New London, Connecticut.
1820, Sept. 9: Eben Francis DOUGLAS, infant son of John W. DOUGLAS, died in Hamilton on Sept. 3.
1820, Oct. 14: Francis DOUGLAS, conductor and proprietor of the Argus newspaper, died in Portland, Maine, aftger a game-shooting accident. No date given.
1821, April 28: John W. DOUGLAS, birth of a daughter in Hamilton on April 23.
1823, Oct. 18: Dr. Charles DOUGLAS died inSt. George’s on Oct. 15 at an advanced age.
1847, May 25: Lieut. R. DOUGLAS, 3rd Regiment, son of colonel DOUGLAS, married Isabella maria DOUGLAS-WILLAN of Twyford Abbey, Middlesex, on April 14 in London.
1853, Aug. 2: Francis DOUGLAS married Miss Catherine HARRINGTON on July 29 in Pembroke, by Rev. F.J.R. LIGHTBOURN.
1870, Nov. 22: Catherine DOUGLAS, wife of Francis DOUGLAS, Superintendent of Victoria Prison, Hong Kong, died on July 9 at Hong Kong, leaving 2 children.
1878, April 23: Mrs. Margaret T. DOUGLAS, aged 48, died in Somerset on April 17, leaving her husband, an aged mother, and 7 children.
1878, Dec. 10: Miss Mary Anne E. DOUGLAS married Joseph H. TUCKER, both of Sandy’s Parish, in St. James’ church on Dec. 1.
1879, March 25: James DOUGLAS of Bermuda, aged 28, died on the American schooner John Middleton, jr., at Wilmington, N.C., recently.
1887, Oct. 18: Colour Sergeant J. BRODERICK, Y. and L. Regiment, birth of a son on Sept. 29 at Halifax. Mrs. BRODERICK is the eldest daughter of S. DOUGLAS, H.M. Dockyard, Bermuda.

Ann Margaret Fleming, b. 12 Feb 1821, Bermuda, West Indies d. 1 May 1891, 22 Farquhar Road, Upper Norwood, the wife of James Sholto Curwen Douglas-Willan, b. 3 Aug 1818, Twyford Abbey, d. Jun 1893. He was a Deputy Commissary General in Her Majesty's Service, probably in Bermuda.

From Hallett’s compiled info into book form:
‘19th Century Church Registers of Bermuda’
Paget groom marriages page 770

Willan, James Douglas os St. George’s Parish – married – Fleming, Ann Margaret of Paget parish - 1846 May 28.

Hallett’s compiled info taken from old newspapers and put into book form:
Bermuda Index A/K
Page 349

1846, June 2: J. S. C. Douglas-Willan, Commissariat Staff, 5th son of the late J. K. Douglas-Willan, of Twyford Abbey, Middlesex County, married Ann Margaret Fleming, only daughter of the late W. P. Fleming, at Paget Church on May 28.

1847, May 25: Isabella Maria Douglas-Willan, youngest daughrer of the late J. K. Douglas-Willan, of Twyford Abbey, Middlesex, married Lieut. R. Doublas, 3rd Regiment, son of Colonel Douglas, on April 14 in London.

1851, April 29: J. Douglas-Willan, birth of a son on Sept. 26 at Athlone, Ireland.

1877, Sept. 11: Amy Margaret Douglas-Willan, only daughter of James Douglas-Willan, married Tudor Lloyd-Harries, only son of Colonel Lloyd-Harries, of Ilandingat House, Carmarthenshire, on July 26 at St. John[‘s Church, Weymoouth. The groom is of Trowant, Breconshire, England. (London Standard, Aug. 2).

1891, May 26: Ann Margaret Douglas-Willan, wife of James Douglas-Willan, of Lea Hurst, Dover, died on May 1 at 22 Farquhar Road, Upper Norwood.

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A database of Douglases of Bermuda, the family of two brothers, Robert and Eric Douglas of Bermuda formerly St Kitts & Nevis.  Sadly, there are few dates attached to the names.


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