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The property has been known since 1648. On 6th October 1777, it was purchased for 6,666 rd by Eleonora Louise Sophie von Dohna, wife of William Otto Douglas of Skenninge (1721-1776), himself the son of Wilhelm Douglas, Greve of Skenninge (1683-1763).

There is a small park around the main building and there were several estate buildings.

The branch, Counts Douglas-Gerstorp, who settled in Sweden, descend from the youngest son of Robert von Douglas-Langenstein.

The 2nd owner was Gustaf Otto, 1759 - 1830 (son of Wilhelm Otto and Eleonora) who Inherited in 1797. He was succeeded by his nephew, Carl Israel Douglas, (1824 - 1898), Inheriting in 1830. When he died in 1898, Gerstorp passed to his wife' Louise von Langenstein, until 1900.

The original house was demolished and a new house '(in the bathing style to accommodate his wife Louise von Langenstein)' was built about 1870.

A large English-style park with 3 large paved water ponds, tennis court and several walkways were laid out with many different, large trees as well as beautiful views of the surrounding pasture beds.  2 avenues - from west and north are planted - with gates (yellow and red) to the park. North of the park is the so-called bonnvägen.

A larger kitchen garden was built and gardeners are being hired. A pigeon loft was also built.

The water supply was provided via buried hollow tree trunks from a natural source outside the park.

Some of the estate buildings still remain in the park. One is a beautiful stable for carriage and riding horses.

The 4th owner was Carl Israel's son, Ludwig, (1849 - 1916), inheriting in 1900 on the death of his mother. He remained owner til 1916 when his son Robert, (1880 - 1955), already owner of Langenstein in Baden inherited.

During his time, the agriculture was leased (1816-1953) as was the the large kitchen garden is leased out (until 1950).

The park was still maintained and a sauna is built by one of the ponds

During the Second World War (1941-1943), platoons from the Livgrenadjär Regiment were housed in Gerstorf with officers' horses placed in the old stable.

During the years 1933-1944 Oscar Wilhelm and Dagmar occupied a 3rd part of the house (formerly the old large kitchen and the servants' room) with their children: Jacob, Gustaf Otto, Anna and Marie as it was no longer possible to keep the greater part warm.

The same part of the house was used 1943-1950 for the care of Finnish children. The director of the project, Mielikki Tapiovaara (1921-1991), married Robert Comte Douglas (1880-1955), the 6rh Douglas owner, in 1949.

Robert inherited in 1955 and remained owner until 1985.

Several of the old estate buildings in the park were demolished. The house was demolished in 1972, as the necessary modernization would have become too expensive.

The demolition rubble was deposited in the old ponds and a new Swedish wooden villa was immediately built on the site of the old house.

The E4 motorway was built right next to the park's south side, so today, the highway noise is very troublesome.

In 1994, the buildings were supplemented with a further riding house and more stables.

The Ljungqvist family bought Gerstorp in 2003 and have since transformed and developed the farm. At Gerstorp, Stenholmen now runs one of Sweden's largest Icelandic horse stud farms, with about 150 horses on the farm.

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