Battle of Lundy's Lane

On July 25, 1814, the Americans and British fought against each other on the hill of Lundy's Lane, which is located in present day Niagara Falls. This was on a property of the Lundy's. I guess you could say that the Lundy's were in the middle of it all!

The bloodiest battle on Ontario soil was fought because the Americans wanted to try to take over Canada, to get back at the British who were trying, at that point in time to take over France. The battle was fought during the night and without lights.

The Americans, under the command of General Winfield Scott, had 2200 men (totally out numbering the British). The British under command of Lieutenant-General Sir Gordon Drummond had only 1200 men. Many soldiers were lost on both sides. The British lost 640 men and the Americans lost 740 men. It is very suprising that the Americans lost more men seeing as they were outnumbering the British by almost double the amount of soldiers. The Generals for both sides were wounded badly but did not die.

This was a battle that no side truly won, although the Americans retreated back to fort Erie . The British later followed them and found them entrenched. Without success, Gordon Drummond's army tried for 7 weeks to remove the Americans from Fort Erie. It was an evenly fought battle although the Americans outnumbered Brits' two to one. It was a very exciting battle because no one knew which way to aim their guns as it was nighttime. They often shot their own men because they could not see to aim.

On the extreme right of the American encampment, and near the lakeshore, a strong work had been erected, and two guns en barbette. It was called Douglass battery, in honor of Lieutenant David B. Douglass, of the engineer corps, under whose superintendence it was built. 

The battle of Lundys lane took place during the middle of The War of 1812 which lasted 3 years . The battle was on the night of July 25th 1814 and at dawn the next day the Americans retreated to Fort Erie.