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The Clan Chiefs Feud

- Can they cross the river safely?

Three Scottish clan chiefs, Sir Archibald, Sir James, and Sir William, had been to see the King. They’ve had an angry dispute, so their pages, who acted as bodyguards are always with them. The King made a ruling which suited none of them, so tempers were high as they headed back to their homelands. Then they come to a large river.

On the riverbank, they find a small rowboat, but it’s only big enough to hold two of them at one time. The catch? Although the Chiefs are travelling under a truce, none of the pages are comfortable leaving their Chief with any other pages if they’re not there as well. They don’t trust that the other pages won’t try to kill their Chief.

For example, Sir Archibald’s agent is okay if Sir Archibald and Sir James are alone in the boat or on one of the riverbanks, but definitely not okay if Sir James’s page is also with them. So how can they all get across the river?

There isn’t just one way to solve this problem.

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