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Family trees

1 Document File size Author Date
2 Douglas family tree.GED_2008-08-03.ged
Complete family tree file of Bob Douglas kit # 104897
997 KB bob.douglas16 Aug 3, 2008
3 Descendants of George Douglas, 1425 (Timpendean).docx
Douglas of Timpendean
16 KB balfron21 Feb 21, 2010
4 Douglas tree 0208 douglas scotti vigoleno.pdf
Douglas-Scotti lineage
584 KB beryldna Feb 25, 2008
5 Douglas (Red) succession.doc
Red Douglas succession
431 KB balfron21 May 15, 2006
6 Douglas (Black) succession.doc
Black Douglas succession
69 KB balfron21 May 15, 2006
7 Douglas succession.doc
The Douglas succession - from Le Hardi
100 KB balfron21 May 15, 2006
8 Chart 1
Part of family tree of 9th Earl of Angus
9 Bree family tree, Pts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 Various    
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