A Timeline of Douglas History

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1263 Battle of Largs
1296 Battle of Berwick
1297   Action at Lanark
1297   Raid on Scone
1297 Battle of Sanquhar
1297   Capitualation at Invine
1307 Battle of Sanquhar (2)
1308   Battle of Brander Pass
1312 Battle of Hartlepool
1314   Battle of Bannockburn
1316 Battle of Skaithmuir
1317 Battle of Lintalee or Battle of Linthaughlee
1317 Battle of Berwick (2)
1327   Weardale campaign
1328   Northampton Treaty
1330   Battle of Teba
1333 Battle of Halidon Hill
1356 Battle of Poitiers
1388 The 2nd Earl of Douglas, who married a Stewart princess, was killed at Otterburn in 1388
1400 4th Earl of Douglas held Edinburgh against the English when Henry IV invaded.
1400 Battle of Cockburnspath
1402 Imprisoned at Falkland by Duke of Albany and the 4th Earl of Douglas, Rothesay died in circumstances which indicated his murder. The Earl of Douglas and Albany's son Murdoch were defeated and made prisoner by the English at Homildon Hill. Robert III having tried to save his second son from the fate of Rothesay by sending him secretly to France, Prince James was captured by the English. On the old king's death Albany as .Regent probably intended to obtain the throne for his own family.
1403 At the battle of Shrewsbury, 4th Earl of Douglas  was taken prisoner by Henry IV and held until ransomed in 1408. 
1424 The allies were defeated at Verneuil, and 4th Earl of Douglas was slain.
1435 Battle of Piper Dene
1440 Black Bull Dinner - Edinburgh Castle
1447 War between Scotland and England
Battle of Pinkie
1448 Battle of Sark
1450 The 8th Earl led a Scottish retinue to Rome in celebration of the end of the Papal schism. King James II
1452 8th Earl murdered by King James II in Stirling Castle
1455 Battle of Arkinholm
1476 Rebelling in conjunction with the exiled Earl of Douglas, John, Lord of the Isles, forfeited the earldom of Ross.
1484 Albany renewed his pact with Edward IV, and invaded Scotland with the exiled Douglas. Douglas was captured; Albany fled to France.
1513 Battle of Flodden
1513   Skirmish at Sclaterford
1514 Archibald, 6th Earl of Angus married the Scottish Queen Dowager, Margaret Tudor, daughter of Henry VII of England
1515 Cleanse the Causeway
1520 Battle of Edinburgh
1526 Battle of Linlithgow Bridge
1528 James V escaped from the custody of the Douglases, confiscated the estates of Angus and drove him into England. Patrick Hamilton was burned at St. Andrews as a Lutheran.
1542 Battle of Hadden Rigg
1537 Lady Janet Douglas of Glamis burned at the stake
1545 As a result of the destruction of the Douglas tomb at Melrose, the Earl of Angus with Scott of Buccleugh and Lesley of Rothes defeat and slaughter the English at Ancrum Moor near Jedburgh.
1562 Battle of Skirmish Hill
15 June 1567 Mary Queen of Scots and Bothwell with the support of Huntly and Crawford confront the Lords at Carberry Hill. There is no battle but Mary agrees to follow the Lords on condition that they let Bothwell go. But the Lords break their promise and take her to the Lord Provost's House in Edinburgh and then to Lochleven Castle as their prisoner.
2 May 1568 Mary escapes from Lochleven with the help of two of the young Douglases. She is met by Lord Seton on the other bank and travels to Niddry Castle and then Cadzow Castle. She gathers 6,000 men.
1571 Civil war broke out between the king's party and the queen's party. Mary's principal supporters were Chatelherault, Huntly, Lethington and Kirkcaldy of Grange, who held Edinburgh castle against James Douglas, Earl of Morton. Lennox was killed at Stirling, and succeeded as Regent by the Earl of Mar.
1572 On the death of Mar, Morton became Regent
1573 Regent Morton re-captured Edinburgh Castle
1575   Raid of the Redeswire
1581 Execution of Regent Morton
1689 Earl of Angus raised the Cameronians
1745 Battle of Fontenoy
1746   Battle of Culloden
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