The Douglas family in Italy

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A portal to the Douglas families in Italy


In 1414 Emperor Sigismund had the title Douglas in memory of the old Scottish claim of the family, which was divided into some branches, including:
Douglas Scotti of Sarmato
•  Douglas Scotti of Vigoleno


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•  Douglas Scotti origins
•  Carlo Centurione Scotto
•  Enrico Dich Scot Douglas
•  Marius Douglas
•  Field Marshall Luigi Scotti Douglas
•  Professor Luca Scotto di Tella de’ Douglas di Castel di Ripa
•  Sir James Douglas, died 1795, was the British Consul General in Naples
•  Sir William Douglas Hamilton, British Ambassador to the Kingdom of Naples from 1764 to 1800
•  Members of the Douglas Scotti family

•  Scotto in Sicily
•  Vittorio Centurione Scotto

The family counts among its most illustrious exponents:
* Giovanni Scotti (13th century), merchant and wealthy landowner:
* Alberto Scotti (1270-1318), lord of Piacenza in 1290;
* Francesco Scotti (XIV century), podestเ (mayor) of Bologna;
* Alberto II Scotti (XV century), lord of Fiorenzuola;
* Archbishop Ranuccio Scotti Douglas (1597-1659), bishop of Fidenza
• Caterina Scotti (? -1468) of Agazzano , married the Marquis  • •  Rolando Pallavicino called "the Magnificent", from whom the numerous cadet branches of the family derived;
•  Pier Maria Scotti (1481-1521) known as "conte Buso", adventurer;
•  Gianbernardino Scotti (1478-1568), cardinal;
•  Domenico Maria Scotti Douglas , count of Sarmato (1751-1854); he had the Scotti palace built in via San Siro in Piacenza
•  Luigi Scotti Douglas (1796-1880), Neapolitan noble and general .
•  Paolo Scotti Douglas della Scala, count of San Giorgio , governor of Piacenza since 1854, before the unification of Italy
•  Agazzano
•  Fombio
•  Piacenza

•  Scotti properties in the Piacenza area (External site)
Downloads Miscellaneous
•  Restoration of Piacentini Palaces: Palazzo Douglas Scotti, Scala of St. George (Pdf; in Italian)
•  Footprints of the Douglas Scotti; A Scottish Warrior Journeys to Piacenza in Northern Italy in 794 - The Douglas castles (Pdf; in English)  
•  History of the House and race of Douglas; David Hume Extract; re: Scotti origins (Pdf)
  •  Armorials of the Douglas family in Italy
•  The Scotti feudal lords of Varsi from 1303 to 1758
•  The Douglas Scotti families of Fombio and Sarmato tree
•  A selection of Douglas Scotti family trees
•  Further Douglas Scotti trees
•  Scotti Douglas; Conte de Vigoleno [pdf]
•  Trees of Descendants of Sholto Duglas 767 and four others
•  The ghost of Count Buso
•  How the Scotto came to Piacenza (Slideshow)
Titles Cadet Branches
Marquis of Carpaneto
Marquis of Castelbosco
Marquis of Montalbo
Count of Agazzano
Count of Vigoleno with Carpaneto and Diolo
Count of Colturano and of Cesano
Count of San Giorgio
Count of Fombio
Count of Rezzanello
Scotti of Milan
Douglas Scotti of Rezzanello
Douglas Scotti of the Scala di San Giorgio
Douglas Scotti of Sarmato
Douglas Scotti of Vigoleno
Anguissola - Scotti


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