Sir Charles of Kelhead, 6th Marquess of Queensberry

Sir Charles, 5th from Sir William of Kelhead who was the 2nd son of Sir William, 1st Earl of Queensberry, reacquired the Queensberry Marquessate for the House of Douglas through his marriage to Caroline Scott Montague, daughter of Henry, 3rd Duke of Buccleuch and 5th Duke of Queensberry.

He was a Gentleman of the Bedchamber to King William IV.  From 1812 to 1832, he was a representative peer for Scotland, was made a Knight of the Thistle in 1821, and created Baron Solway, of Kinmount, in the County of Dumfries, in 1833, which granted him an automatic seat in the House of Lords.

Queensberry was Lord Lieutenant of the County of Dumfries, Colonel of the Dumfries Militia and director of the Royal Scottish Academy.

Sir Charles, who had no male issue, died in 1837, leaving the Marquessate to his younger brother.