Italian members of the Douglas family

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•  Marius, progenitor of the Douglas Scotti family
Lorenzo (?) Scotto and Pietro Scotto were participants in The Expedition of the Thousand (Italian Spedizione dei Mille) of 1860

•  William, Marius's elder brother. He married the only daughter of the Lord of the castle of Spettino becoming the founder of the "Scots".
•  Countess Luigia Douglas Scotti d'Adda (Portrait above) Possibly the wife of Luigi Douglas Scotti of Sarmato, who was last of that line.
•  Countess Luigi Scotti-Douglas da Sarmato - same as above??
•  Archbishop Ranuccio (Ranuzio) Scotti Douglas
•  Marianna Douglas Scotti di Vigoleno 'an old countess Scottish ancestry', mother of Ermanno Stradelli (Borgo Val di Taro, December 8, 1852 - Manaus, March 21, 1926), an explorer, geographer and Italian photographer.
•  Marco Antonio Douglas Scotti who provided a family tree to the Earl of Angus in 1622
•  Conte Alberto Douglas Scotti da Vigoleno was a member of the Provisional Government of the restored Duchies of Parma and Piacenza in Apr 1814
•  Fabio Scotti of Castelbosco, Count of Miceno
•  Giovanni Douglas Scotti was credited with refortifying the rocca of Agazzano in 1280
•  Giovanni Maria Scotti, count of Vigoleno, married Luigia Gonzaga, daughter of Francesco I (c1420-1484), of the cadet line of Novellara, giving life to the Scotti-Gonzaga family.
•  Alberto Douglas Scotti established the fortified military residence of Fombio in 1299
•  Count Vittorio Scotti Douglas, the present head of the family
•  Francesco Douglas Scotti or Scoto commissioned Castello di Vigoleno in the 13th century. Later construction of part of the fortress was begun in October 1389 by ‘Francesco Scoto, son of Christoforo’.
•  Francesco Scotti (XIV century), podestเ of Bologna  (possibly inferring he was the chief magistrate)
•  Francesco Scotti Douglas, count of Carpaneto and Vigoleno, father of  Angela Scotti Douglas who married Giovanni de' Rossi (1431-1502), an Italian condottiero and the fifth count of San Secondo.
•  Emperor Sigismondo granted to Alberto Scotti the title of Lord of Douglas and Vigoleno in 1414
•  Luigi Douglas-Scotti, created count of Vigoleno, 13 Oct 1856
•  Contessa Ippolita Douglas Scotti di Vigoleno (Living 2017)
•  Princess Luisa Gonzaga, born Anguissola - Scotti (of Agazzano), died in 2008
•  Giovanni di Petroccio Scotti was a Captain of the People (Capitani del Popolo) in Siena in 1527
•  Giovanni Rossi, (1430-1502), 5th Conte of San Secondo , married to Angela Scotti Douglas of the Counts of Carpaneto and Vigoleno
•  ...the palace of Marquis Filippo Douglas Scotti of Vigoleno, at Palazzo della Prefettura di Piacenza in the 18thC
•  Lucrezia Ferrara (* Ferrara 10-X-1587, + Piacenza 1607) = Count Fabio Scotti Douglas , Count of Vigoleno and Lord of Rezzano
•  Laura della Porta, Countess di Frontone, * 1911, +, Md. 1951, Lorenzo Scotti Douglas, Count di Vigoleno
•  Pier Maria Scotti - a ghost story
•  Riccardo Douglas Scotti di Vigoleno - was he killed by the Germans in 1945?
•  Patrizia Douglas Scotti di Vigoleno - Educational and behavioural cognitive instructor (2017). (with dogs?)
•  Angela Scotti Douglas married Conte Giovanni de' Rossi "il diseredato" (1482 - 1502)
•  Luigi Douglas Scotti Di Vigoleno (1875-1957); Siblings: Maria Douglas Scotti Di Vigoleno and 2 more siblings; Children: Federico Douglas Scotti Di Vigoleno and 3 more children
•  Maria Douglas Scotti di Vigoleno (born Brunialti) married Luigi Douglas Scotti di Vigoleno (born May 9 1875). They had 4 children: Federico Douglas Scotti di Vigoleno and 3 other children.
•  Marianna Douglas Scotti from Vigoleno married Francesco, born in 1817, son of Count Alessio Stradella
•  Conte Gaetano Douglas-Scotti of Vigoleno, Knight of the Holy Angelic Imperial Constantinian Order of St. George
•  Conte Ettore Douglas-Scotti.
•  Fabrizia Douglas Scotti Di Vigoleno - ??lawyer in Milan
•  Conto Gaetano Douglas-Scotti di Vigoleno c1769
•  Count Federico Douglas Scotti Della Scala of St. George
•  Marco Antonio Douglas Scotti of Agazzano
•  Malaspina Torello Scotti, Marquis of Ponte Bosio, Tuscany
•  Daniel Scotti, Bishop of Parenzo, Treasurer of the Apostolic Chamber and Governor of Bologna

Scotti of Milan

Stemma degli Scotti di MilanoPalato d'oro e di rosso, il secondo palo d'oro caricato di un'aquila di nero coronata del campo.[1]

Descendants of the Scotti-Douglas family of Piacenza, descendant of Bernardino, mayor of Milan. Among the distinguished exponents there are:

•  Brantino Scotti (XIV century), jurisconsult;
•  Antonio Scotti (14th century), son of the former, was treasurer of Estorre Visconti, lord of Monza;
•  Ludovico Vincenzo Scotti (17th century), count of Colturano and of Vesano;
•  Bernardino Scotti (1656-1726), cardinal, son of the previous one. He was the last exponent of the family.

The website has moved on since I compiled this list and details of many more of the Douglas Scotti family are now to be found on the relevant pages.  See the  Italy portal page for some of them.

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